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31 Oct 2021

2017 1 ounce graded silver 10 yn ms69 china panda

| user_46126

Hello it been a while since i made a blog so i decided to make a blog about these graded 1 ounce silver china pandas for $30 these coins are chinese comeneratives they dont have much of a story behind them but they are cool they have really adorable panda desigens and are worth like $60 dollars each the reverse is a cjhinese building i forgot what it was called i got two because i was on a budget this one is 2017 and my other is 2019 do you have any idea what they are worth i would like your opion and i am in a hurry so sorry about the bad grammar and please follow me Thanks,


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Beautiful coins, but I won't buy China. It's a Uyghur thang, y'all....

Long Beard

Level 5

I think they have some beautiful designs. But I just can't bring myself around to buying from them.


Level 5

Nice coin. Would like to have a few of those.


Level 3

I was surprised when I found the deal.


Level 6

Great deal! Can't beat that especially already slabbed. ; )


Level 6

You got a deal. Especially in an NGC slab. Good job.


Level 7

Are they sealed? I don't buy one ounce bars. I buy one ounce silver coins and 10oz bars. They come with different designs also! Thanks for the I formation it's appreciated!


Level 3

sup gang

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