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11 Mar 2022

The 25 Cent Challenge

Coins | user_46126

It all started one day when I was looking over my coin collection and an idea popped into head, how many coins could I get for just one quarter? I set out on a quest to find the nicest quarter in our house. I found a very nice 2009 quarter and listed it on ebay. In a few days it sold, I had made about $2.50 in profit! I knew there was a coin show coming up, and knew there would be some coins I could flip there, so I waited. At the coin I managed to get several good deals including a several AU-MS steel wheat cents, several silver quarter for $3, some where even ok barbers, and a 1837 large Cent! After the coin show I sold a few of coins, the biggest being the steel wheat cents for $25 profit! I always use the profit to buy more coins to flip, and have been building the value fairly quickly. I look forward to continuing this challenge, and might do an up date if everyone wants me to.

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