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10 Aug 2015

Returning to Coin Collecting

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Some 30 odd years ago, my ex brother in law would give me proof and uncirculated coins for birthday and Christmas gifts. During the next couple of decades, college, career, family all got in the way of really getting into coin collecting.

Fourteen years ago I had a medical emergency that changed my life forever. Since I am medically disabled now, I have a lot of free time on my hands, several months ago my great niece saw some proof sets and asked what they were. My sister and I started showing her the coins and walla, before you know it, I have the bug again.

I am going to concentrate my interest in the Flying Eagle, Liberty head nickels, World War II Coins, and silver bullion coins from several areas.
I remember a saying I heard many moons ago, "Champaigne taste and beer money" that describes me. Living on disability and Iwanting to play catch up, thanks to my sisters who help me out and remind me weekly to watch my budget. LOL thanks sisters.

If there are any members who wouldn't mind visiting and giving advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I can be reached any time other than when I'm in the hospital.

Please feel free to contact me here. If your in the North Texas area give a shout.

God Bless all,

Terry Chester



Level 7

Lonstriders and myself are in the same boat. I made adjustments he did and your doing ok. Hang in there everything will turn out ok. Mike


Level 6

God bless those kids. Now you have the best reason in the world to keep on. Who else would educate her correctly? " Way older than you" Now that's funny!!


Level 2

I'm going to leave my collection to my great niece and her sibling when that one is born in 6 months. My niece told me one day as she was holding one of my old coins, "wow uncle Terry this is way older than you" out of the mouth of kids. She is interested in coins, we have some for her and have a book of kids activities in coin collecting for when she is out here on the farm. Thanks to all who welcomed me. I look forward to a good friendship.


Level 5

Good luck with your medical and numismatic endeavors. There are a lot of us in the same boat! As for your collecting budget I was always told to buy the best coin your budget allows. Is your niece going to join you in collecting numismatic history?


Level 5

Good luck. Indian Head and Flying Eagle cents were my first passion. Most all of them are attainable on a modest budget.


Level 6

Hang in there Terry. Sounds like you have a great support team! I'm also disabled and it sucks. You will learn to live around it. Numismatics is a great way to keep busy and exercise that brain. Looks like you picked an obtainable area of interest. The internet is going to be a good friend in your searches. God bless you!


Level 2

You are so right Lonstrider, having a disability sucks, but it is what you let it be. I first thought it was the end o the world. Then a friend stepped up and opened my eyes for me by some well spoken words. Through it all I have been able to keep my eyes focused on knowing one day this broken body ain't broken no more. Thanks and have a Blessed day, Terry

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