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07 Aug 2022

Weird fake nickel

| Jackson14

I found this in a jar of change someone at our church gave me. Its made of plastic I think and its date is 1954D. I think it might be play money but usually they say "no cash value" on those.In that same jar of change I found a 1945S mercury dime, a 1957D quarter, and a 1954D dime. I bought some stuff on eBay and ill post those when I get them.



Level 4

Interesting for sure. It’s the random finds that are the most fun, even if they’re not really worth anything. Thanks for sharing.

You probably have a counterfeit Henning nickel. He made fakes in the 1940's thru the 1950's. Don't know how anyone got rich off fake nickels, but he tried. Google it and stuff will come up.


Level 4

Its very light and in the picture you can see a price broke off and inside there are bubbles. On the back there is also a melted part.


Level 5

This isn’t a Henning nickel (I checked the diagnostics). How do you know it is plastic? It just looks like a really beat up, corroded nickel to me.


Level 4

Did he make them out of plastic or nickel? This one is plastic.


Level 6

Crazy looking nickel! Nice finds! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I looked up "plastic american coins" and yes, there are many being made.


Level 5

This is an interesting coin. It doesn't look fake to me but it may be. People counterfeited regular coins like nickels sometimes. Nice silver finds though!


Level 6

Looks to be PMD. Good silver in those other coins.


Level 7

Its a well used nickel who has been destroyed by the environment. Lots of luck with your other coins!!

AC coin$

Level 6

Wow, it certainly looks real, with that unique tear and wear... Nice!!!


Level 4

Play money didn’t always say “no cash value.” And fake money used in schools to teach kids how to count change, closely resemble real money except for being plastic. Interesting find in a coin jar. The other finds though, worth their weight in silver, and maybe more.

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