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13 Jun 2022

What happened to this site?

| Jackson14

Whatever happened to all the other users on this site? I mean there's over 20,000 other people who have been active at some point in time and now there's only like 20 active people. It seems like this site was rather popular a few years back. What happened??



Level 4

I’m relatively new to the site, and it is a little discouraging. I’m sure there are many reasons why people come and go. As Long Beard said, it is great to see a number of younger and new collectors though.


Level 5

I think the ANA jives new members a blog account when they join? A lot of the members haven’t done anything. That would be my guess. A lot of people did leave recently in 2020, 2021, and 2022 as well though.

I'm guilt of not having posted in a while. Truth is I've joined the ANA page on Facebook and usually check into whenever I'm on the site. There's a ton of good conversation there, not to take away from the great blogs here. I'm not a big Facebook person myself, and only joined up because it the main route of communication with my job and local union, sad to say. I haven't been writing anything as of late really myself, so that's another reason. Like Mike pointed out, its a seasonal thing with most folks. I'm on the computer more in the winter when I'm housebound by the weather. So while I'm not blogging or posting, I'm still reading....


Level 6

Life happens... People come, people go just like with anything. Our blog site is still strong with (and you are right) a handful of dedicated numismatist. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

For me life seems to be getting in the way. I have so much going on in real life at the moment that If I get to check in once or twice a week, I'm doing well right now.


Level 6

AC coins is correct, there is no rule on how many blogs per day one can put up. That is why I said "my opinion". I say this as a curtesy to other bloggers. Thank you!

Long Beard

Level 5

There are several valid possibilities as mentioned, so I'll add a positive post. I see quite a few younger or new collectors very active. Not only on the blog page but within the many activities the ANA offers. So if this includes you, welcome and extremely pleased to have you as a fellow collector. Share your passion and thoughts as often as you like, they are valued and enjoyed more than you realize.


Level 4

im not talking about people not posting blogs. im talking about people just completely disapearing from the site.


Level 5

I used to be a regular blogger here . My current status is a combination of things between burnt-out and caught up with other more pressing priorities. There is always a possibility that I will blog more frequently in the future.

AC coin$

Level 6

Some users publish others do not. Some may have left due to the pandemic. I have asked myself the same question. The ones that remain are good collectors and teachers. Check every single member's postings or collections. Check people who connected as users, some even wrote textbooks and great essays. Some have a different way regarding numismatics. I appreciate and value all. The writers, the spectators and all who participate. Check into them all, so you will get a glance of their discoveries and new trends in numismatics. This site is changing a lot, I even considered leasing it myself, at some point I was misjudged. But, I am here....by the way, there is no specific ruled number of blogs per user allowed. This site is for letting all shine, young or old.


Level 5

Yeah, there are some people who were active and have just left the site. They may have graduated, they may not like the site anymore @Longstrider gave a good explanation of why, or they may not have been active in the first place. Not everyone is active today or has ever been active.


Level 6

Many people are disgusted by the so called "blogs" that have been put up this year. Little 2 sentence blogs, blogs on "what should I collect". They don't say anything. It is not so bad now but earlier we had people putting 4 or 5 blogs of nothing per day. Why do a blog when it is buried in crap the same day. By the following day it is off the first page. This is my opinion. I could be wrong but I'm not.


Level 7

Its summer time many are traveling for the fist time in a few years. And it always slows down. I will be posting soon. I have been sick. Sorry but I had to. I will be back shortly. I will be posting.

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