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22 Sep 2022

What's in a grab bag from the YN Auction?

Young Numismatists Exchange | The Error Collector

I won a grab bag in the YN auction this year and since it came yesterday I decided to write a blog about what was in it. I have divided the contents into four sections including U.S. Coins, tokens, foreign coins, and exonumia. Each grab bag is different, but here is what was in the grab bag I won.

U.S. Coins

This includes everything from cent and planchet sets to encased Lincoln Cents.

  1. 2022 cent and planchet set from the Denver mint.

  2. 1927-S Lincoln Cent.

  3. 1925-D Lincoln Cent.

  4. A no-date Lincoln Memorial off centered cent (I saw zinc, so I know it's from 1982-2008).

  5. A 1960-D encased Lincoln Cent that was advertising Ryans Coin and Stamp shop in Chicago.

  6. 1935 (P) Indian Head Nickel

Tokens and Medals

This includes everything from Alabama luxury tax tokens to a Benjamin Franklin memorial token

  1. American Israel Numismatic Association 25th Anniversary commemorative medal.

  2. 2003 American Israel Numismatic Association Mattathias Antigonus 40-37 BCE token

  3. Alabama luxury tax token issued by Osborne Register Company. (Have you heard of a luxury tax token? I hadn't before I got one in the grab bag!)

  4. Colorado Springs bus token that was issued in 1956, by the Colorado Springs Transit Company.

  5. A brass amusement token that was made with a hole in it.

  6. A Six Flags token for the log ride

  7. A brass token with the number "1" on it.


  1. 1891 British penny

  2. 1949 Canadian dime with King George VI. (80% silver)

  3. 1984 Canadian quarter.

  4. Chinese 1 sen. (The date is in Chinese and I can't read it.)

  5. 1955 Cypress 3 mils.

  6. 1888 Dominican Republic 2 1/2 centavos.

  7. 1924 Finland 1 penni. (This coin doesn't identifythat it is from Finland. A great E-learning video on Dumb Coins helps explain about these kinds of coins.)

  8. 1854 France 5 centimes that depicts Napoleon.

  9. 1899 Norwegian1 ore.

  10. 1962 Portugal 20 centavos.

  11. 1983 South Korea 5 won.

  12. 1870 Spain 5 centavos coin.

  13. 1956 Switzerland 1/2 frank.

  14. 1962 Switzerland 1/2 frank.

  15. 1944 Switzerland frank.

  16. 2011 Ukranian 5 kopiyok

  17. 1953 Jugoslavija (Yugoslavia) 50 napa. (Yugoslavia is not a country anymore. It broke up in 1992 and is now the countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia.)


  1. 2022 National Coin Week badge.

  2. 2 packs of US Mint collector cards.

Even though there may be a lot of good auction lots in the YN Auction, grab bags are always something to consider getting if there's not anything else that catches your eye. May you work hard and earn lots of YN dollars for the next auction!

I'd like to send a big THANK YOU to anybody who donated or helped with the YN Auction. It really helps make coin collecting fun for young collectors like me.



Level 5

Wow! Grab bags are really cool!


Level 5

Fantastic grab bag ! So many different items.


Level 5

Nice haul indeed. What fun reviewing and researching.


Level 3

Thats a great grab bag. Thanks for sharing. I wondered what was in them. Almost better than winning a lot.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

You got an excellent acquisition and a potential for further expanding your collection. Congratulations. By the way, the creative potentials grow individually exposing each coin with its historical background. Best of luck.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Coinoscope, an app, will identify your Chinese coin


Level 6

Pretty good haul. Looks like fun. Also thanks for recognizing donors and the folks that put it together.


Level 6

That's great! Look at all that cool stuff! Good for you and thanks for sharing with us. ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

I Love that assortment. So much fun!!!!! I am going to put together 3 grab bags for the upcoming KidZone auction at the PAN Fall show.


Level 5

Thanks for posting this, always wondered what was in those...


Level 7

Thanks I never knew what were in them. You have some nice coins. Well done. A great assortment of coins. Sam knows what he's doing!! And so do you!!


Level 6

A wide range of items


Level 4

Quite the variety there. It’s a good way to draw younger folks in, and keep their attention on the world of numismatics. Enjoy your prize.


Level 4

Great win with lots of variety!

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