Large Currency

30 Apr 2017



Level 6

Beautiful note! I've just started to collect Civil War Currency. Thanks for sharing it!


Level 7

Hi Emery I just won a confederate note at Heritage Auction house. It's graded and says almost like new. Now one was following it so I put a secret bid in. It was over late and I didn't think I would win with one bid I woke up checked I won. So I was happy with that. I think the currency from that period is very colorful and I like the designs. Enjoy. Mike.


Level 3

Mike, congratulations on your win! I this period as well, I haven't been successful on obtaining a confederate note. I just picked up a Fr. 215. 1886 $1 Silver Certificate last night thru Stacks Bowers. Do you have an image of your win? Emery


Level 5

That is one beautiful note. Where ever did you find it?

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