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24 Aug 2019

Alexander Hamilton Medal from the Hall of Fame for Great Americans at New York University

Exonumia | Many

Obv: High relief civil bust of Hamilton with facsimile signature below.

Rev: Hamilton standing in circle of symbols of his short but busy life from his arrival from the island of Nevis in 1772 through his writing for newspapers, the Federalist Papers and the Constitution. A schematic of the 13 original sates circles the right of the medal.

Designed and engraved by Margaret Grigos (1923-1981). She was an eminent medalist, Fellow of the National Sculpture Society.



Level 5

Nice medal!


Level 4

Medals are not really my thing. But I do have to admit that is one pretty cool medal.

Very cool looking medal


Level 7

Many when are you coming back. I just bought a new medal. I need your opinion. Mike we miss you.


Level 4

intresting blog! i enjoyed it

Hamilton always looks good on coinage and currency. Being the best looking founding father has its advantages.


Level 6

Nice Medal and the high relief is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.


Level 6

High relief is what make medals special.


Level 6

I agree, that is high relief. Very nice medal. Thanks.

great relief! cool design


Level 7

Now that is high relief. Also a great medal. Thanks for the info. I could of used more but I'm nuts about histoy. Good blog Thanks Many

It's Mokie

Level 6

Beautiful, I especially like the states arrayed on the Reverse but that High Relief Hamilton Bust is also quite well done.

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