Medals of famous American writers

15 Oct 2018

Medals of famous American writers



Level 5

Very nice collection. I've never seen someone with such a collection. Great area.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wonderful collection of medals. You should be very proud.


Level 5

Great recognition series. Where would so many be without their contributions?


Level 6

As a writer, I truly enjoyed this. New collecting possibility?


Level 4

Thanks for your comments. Since your last visit I have added new medals, I invite you to visit the collection. regards


Level 6

Nice collection. I'm still trying to get my wife to buy me Mark Twain's coin. One of my heroes. Thanks.


Level 7

Well Many this is one I bought. I said in someone's blog the mint does occasionally comes out with a nice coin this caught my eye that's what sells coins. I think I bought it more for his books. Thanks enjoy Mike


Level 6


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