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18 Nov 2015

A Trip to the Byron Reed Coin Collection

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Yep, that's an 1804 Silver Dollar!

I took a trip to one of the most undervalued, and unknown, US coin collections on display in the United States, the Byron Reed coin collection. The collection is housed in the Durham West Heritage Museum in Omaha, Nebraska. The museum is really nice, as it is an old Union Pacific Station. Anyways, the collection was put together in the mid to late 1800's by a wealthy real estate man from Omaha, Byron Reed. Reed collected books, banknotes, and manuscripts as well as coins. Just a year before Reed's passing, he visited the Parmalee sale where he bought his 1804 dollar, NE shilling, and many other fine pieces. After Reed's death, he gave his collection to the City of Omaha. They housed it in their library, in a special room. This was GREAT news for the Omaha Coin Club, as they had the PERFECT place to meet! For years they met in the Byron Reed Gallery of the Omaha Public library, until things started to happen... There was rumors going around that there was going to be a sale of the Byron Reed collection, and I mean a sale of ALL of the coins! The Omaha Coin Club stepped in and many of the coins were saved... Nearly 7 Million dollars worth of coins were sold, but fortunately 7 Million dollars worth of them remain. The coins were then transferred to the Durham West Heritage museum, where they currently preside today. One of the coolest features of the collection is that you can, on appointment, come in and study the coins. I have not ever done this, but I presume you can go and take a look at the "coins in the back". Anyways, just thought I'd share!

Note: The collection also features a ton of ancient coins, 1800's patterns, and a lot more! Visit today!


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow, that is such an interesting story. I would love to come see that collection. Omaha, Nebraska huh? Hmmmm, maybe when the Alabama Women's softball team comes to play in the College World series this spring I could come and see it. Something for the bucket list for sure!


Level 4

Wow maybe some time I will have to visit.


Level 5

Awesome pic!


Level 6

Thanks for sharing this information! Sounds like a great place to visit!


Level 7

That sounds like a wonderful experience. Your very lucky to see it. I hope you took more pictures for yourself. I bet you wanted to hold one! I would. Well thanks for the information and letting us know!


Level 6

Haven't heard of this collection in a while. Glad you wrote about it. I'd love to see that collection someday, especially that 1804 dollar.


Level 6

Thanks for the info. Never heard of them before!


Level 5

Very impressive. Definitely worth a visit! Thank you.


Level 5


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