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27 Oct 2015

Awesome Pickups from my Local Coin Club Action!

Coins | ChildOfTheWheat

Hello once again everyone! I recently scored big time at the Omaha Coin Club's 930th meeting, which also happened to be live auction night. The item I wanted to buy, a VF-25 ish 1835 half cent, was auctioned off just as I was checking my phone. The coin ended up not selling, even though the minimum bid was $20. I blame my friend. But anyways, lets take a look at what I got. First off, I was able to snag a small bag of five (5) barber quarters, all in AG-G (no details coins) from the 1890's... The dates were fairly decent, but nothing major. I believe it had the following dates: 1892, 1897 (2x), 1898, and 1899. No mintmarks, but some nice coins! The price for all five was $26. Now the best score of the night was my first ever 40% silver Eisenhower dollar. I have been meaning to pick one up, but I keep procrastinating. It is sealed in the OGP, and looks really nice. It still even has the COA! Anyways, the meeting was fun and the auction was even more fun! The one thing that I regret is that I did not buy a lot of things!

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