ChildOfTheWheat's Blog

22 Dec 2015

Now is the Time to CRH!

Coins-United States | ChildOfTheWheat

As the holidays draw nearer, more and more people are turning in their change jars at the bank to pay for christmas gifts. Unfortunelty, these people could be trading in old collections, hoards, or silver stockpiles for face at their banks. Since soooo many people are spending these collectable coins during this time, it is easier now more than ever to find ultra rare coins. Fortunately, many of these coins are recovered quickly by us numismatists. It is our job as coin collectors to preserve the history in these coins that we are trusted to care for. That being said, you should go down to your local bank RIGHT NOW and get a box of cents, nickels, dimes, or what ever! Go, get the bag of ikes! What are you doing here! Just do it!

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