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03 Sep 2018

Book Review: Scottish Coins A history of small change in Scotland

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Book Review: Scottish Coins A history of small change in Scotland

First things first, if you don't like world coins you will probably not like this book. With that said, I am getting a bit into world coins and so I felt like it was only fitting to give a book review on a world coin book. I do like modern world coins better than older world coins as of right now, but this book is about the latter. This book is just as the cover suggests; it's a history of small change in Scotland. I was able to learn Scottish coin history while picking up interesting terminology on the way examples include:

Lozenge-A diamond shaped symbol

Mullet-Star shaped symbol with a hole in the middle and finally,

Tressure-A frame, shaped by 3 or more arcs surrounding the coin’s design

-The book is by Nicholas Holmes, an author for NMS publishing.

Anyways there are no reviews for this book on Amazon but you can buy it here for $19:


Conclusion ⅘ stars (granted you like world coins)



Level 4

Nice review. I’ve never gotten into world coins either, but am always looking for numismatic treasures on my travels... brought home a £5 Bank of Scotland note when I visited there a few years ago. Anyway, who knows where our numismatic interests will take us next, I’m keeping an open mind. Thanks for planting a seed regarding Scottish coin with your book review. Jim


Level 6

Sounds like a good book! Thanks for the review!

What a coincidence. I just finished reading an article in the BBC History magazine about Bess of Hardwick who was Mary, Queen of Scots, "keeper" until Mary's execution. That made me pull out my old copy of Coins and Tokens of Scotland to look up the coinage of Mary. And now this book comes up for discussion. I definitely will have to take a look. Thanks for the heads up.


Level 6

Ii may check this one out. Thanks

I am scottish, so I will look into this informative book. Thanks.


Level 6

Interesting on little known part of numismatics.


Level 6

How do you have the time to read all the books, that your review?


Level 7

I like Scottish coins and tokens. St. Andrew was crucified on two pieces of wood. It's on the tokens. That became the Scottish Flag two pieces of wood crossed with a white background. I will have to look at this one. Thanks for the tip. Mike. He is the Patron Saint of Scotland.

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