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03 Sep 2018

Book Review: United States Commemorative Coinage Second Edition

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Book Review: United States Commemorative Coinage Second Edition

The book United States Commemorative Coinage is a timeless piece. This book does not rely on price guides to convey a good reading experience to the reader. This book has a lot of history on each of the classic commemoratives (which I think we can all agree that they are better than the modern ones). But they do include the bicentennial coins as the book was written in 1975, the year that these coins were all the buzz for the bicentennial in 1976. So with that said I do think that this was a fortunate mistake for the author (Arlie R. Slabaugh, a numismatic writer for many books other than these) because including the modern commemoratives would have made the book more lackluster. Yes, he did include the bicentennial coinage but that is miniscule in the whole masterpiece that this book is. So for those reasons above, this book is a timeless piece because you could read it in the year 2341 and it would still contain relevancy. Now I would give you an Amazon review but the book doesn't have a review, but you can buy this book for less than $13! Just go to the link below:


Conclusion: 5 stars (I don't usually give books 5 stars but this book is good…)



Level 4

Another nice post (hope you mind mind I’m jumping around). I’m familiar with the first, 1962 edition, of this book... in fact, I have three copies (why?). Lol. Anyway, I was addicted to the classic commems for a long time, and have most of the better known books on the subject, which I’m sure the ANA library does as well, and more. This one is one of my favorites, thanks for doing it justice. Jim


Level 6

The older books can be really cool to look at. You can never have too many books for reference.

I like old dated books like this. Its interesting because the commemorative series attracted a bit of attention during the 1976 bicentennial, thanks to the 3 bicentennial reverses. It's a shame how the bicentennial missed the modern commemorative launch by only five years.


Level 6

Books are always a good investment. I try to check them out at the ANA library before I buy a pricey one.

Not very many books on classic commemoratives, and this one seems like it is at the top of the list.


Level 6

1975 is pretty old. There are more recent commem bks.


Level 6

Books sure help make the hobby more meaningful.


Level 7

You have alot of books. The other one I will look at. I like old commens and I a done buying them. So this book I wouldn't read. Getting close. Mike.

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