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23 Mar 2018

March Numismadness Doubleheader

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DoubleHeader Alert:

To Speed Up The Process Of March Numismadness,

I have decided to do double headers every article.

So We Have Two Matchups To Do Today:

(8)2 Cent Piece V.S. (9)3 Cent Nickel

~West Point Regional-Round Of 64

(1)Morgan Dollar V.S. (16) Platinum Eagle

~Carson City Regional-Round Of 64

Let’s Start.

(8)2 Cent Piece V.S. (9)3 Cent Nickel

~West Point Regional-Round Of 64

So how we’re going to do this matchup is I list some pros and cons along with a short history and some fun facts about these two coins. Whichever coin I feel like is better after a short analysis I choose as the winner, so here we go:

3 Cent Nickel:

Pros: A shiny silver looking coin that has an obsolete denomination. A nice obverse design of Lady Liberty and a Roman-Numeral reverse design. This coin is connected to history and will always have a special place in coinage for its weird denomination.

Cons: A super small coin, pretty disappointing in size and it's not silver like the Silver Trime (which is even smaller).

Fun Fact: The 3 cent piece was made to cover the price of a postage stamp back in the 1860’s during the Civil War.

2 Cent Piece:

Pros: A larger copper cent which is also a weird denomination and will always have its place in history for its odd denomination.

Cons: Design wears quickly and a full lettering coin is harder to come by than most coins.

Fun Facts: The two cent piece was made due to the shortage of small change because people were hoarding coins for their metal content in the Civil War. Also the two cent piece was the first coin in our nation’s history to have the words: “In God We Trust” on it.

Analysis: There are two 3 cent pieces in this tournament: the silver and the nickel one. The silver can be seen as more impressive because of its metal content. Generally, you don't want to see coins of the same type make it deep into the tournament. But this isn’t the only reason the two cent piece has the upper hand. The more fun facts, the better. The two cent piece led that category today 2 to 1. So for these reasons, the two cent piece is the first winner of the tournament today.

Final Score: 2 Cent 71, 3 Cent Nickel, 65

    (1)Morgan Dollar V.S. (16) Platinum Eagle

~Carson City Regional-Round Of 64

Morgan Dollar:

Pros: Perhaps the most famous coin in collecting history as it is a very popular coin. That’s the exact reason they earned a one seed in this tournament. The design is amazing and is held in the highest manner among the collecting community.

Cons: A high percentage of these coins are cleaned, which is one of the very few flaws this coin has.

Fun Fact: The Morgan Dollar is named after George T. Morgan, the designer.

Platinum Eagle:

Pros: Shiny, precious metal.

Cons: Not much numismatic value at all.

Fun Fact: Starting in 1997, this coin series is the first and only platinum coins to be issued by the U.S. Mint.

Analysis: It was obvious from the beginning who would win this matchup, right? The Morgan Dollar has a long and illustrious history dating back to 1878. The Platinum Eagle barely has two decades of existence. Advantage goes to the Morgan Dollar.

Final Score: Morgan Dollar 98, Platinum Eagle 72.



Level 5

Cool logo. Great information - thanks.


Level 7

It would be nice to see an overtime game in your tourney. Mike


Level 7

Told you they put the hex on Duke. They couldn't make a three point shot for nothing. Defense was terrible . And Kentucky couldn't miss a three point shot. Thanks Mike.

Hahaha, yeah that game was cool. Maybe there will be overtime games in March Numismadness? I don't know but it sounds cool to me.


Level 6

Thanks for all your work on this!


Level 6

Thanks for this..


Level 7

I don't know anyone's bracket who's isn't broken. Then they put the hex on Duke by picking them to win it all. That sweet Sister is getting alot of press. So far she's be right.. mike I love what you did with the coins I had to get something in on the NCAA. . That was very smart of you I enjoyed it. Thanks.Mike


Level 5

Thank you for doing this - my NCAA bracket is so busted (like just about everybody else's) even though I picked Villanova to win the whole thing this year; we'll see what happens. Fun Fact: Our own Education Director, Rod Gillis, is an alumnus of UMBC; how cool is it that the first time ever a 16 seed beat a 1 seed, and I know someone who actually went to that school! Ok, back to the coins now. Thanks again! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.

That's cool! Glad to see you like it.

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