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14 Sep 2019

Today's The Day-A YN Interview

| The Coin Student

Five years. That’s how long the ANA’s Annual YN Auction has been running. I’ve been blessed to take part in 4 of them. Its crazy how time flies. Just 3 years ago I remember working so hard to earn a few wartime nickels. I still have those today. They remind me of those kind of moments I’ve had in this auction, and today another chapter will be written. Without the donors and guys at the ANA though, none of this would’ve been possible so I’d like to thank them first and foremost for their service to the YN community. Today I interviewed another YN who has experienced the auction for 4 years just like me. I thought it would be interesting this year to interview another YN whose life was undoubtedly changed, just like mine, for 4 years in participating in this auction. So without further adieu, Zanzibar Coins everybody!

1.How does it feel to be in the 5th YN auction. Any feelings of nostalgia?

I'm so excited to be able to take part in the 5th YN auction, and I also have some great memories from previous ones. I remember my first one, three years ago. It was only the second auction, and I had just joined the ANA a month ago, so I only had 160 YN$. We were building our house that year, so that Saturday I sat in the front seat of the car, parked at our property, with my mom's iPad running the auction on YouTube, and my dad's iPad for the lot catalog. I sat in that car for eight hours, but it was worth it! Thanks to some super helpful veteran YNs (thanks guys!), I was able to win two gorgeous graded and slabbed proof coins and one Philadelphia Mint Set, all for the few YN$ I had. I also made a ton of friends, and I have kept making friends each auction since :)

2.Obviously you’ve done this so many times. Doing anything different this year?

I figured out a pretty good strategy last year, so I don't think it'll change that much this year. I have had three previous auctions to figure it out though. :)

3.Which animal encompasses your style when it comes to the auction?

Haha, I really can't think of an animal that encompasses my style for this auction. So I'll just say that my favorite animals are horses, dolphins, beluga whales, orcas, panthers, and jaguars, and leave it at that. :)

4.Anything you want to say to the fans and/or donors?

To the donors: Thank you guys so so much!!!! This auction simply would not be possible if it weren't for your generous gifts to the ANA! So many of the lots you guys donated, and so many of them are going to bless YNs and boost them into the hobby even more, like the coins I have won have done for me these past auctions!! You guys are amazing and such a benefit to this hobby and are so appreciated by all of us YNs on here! Thank you!! To the fans: This auction oughta be really interesting, with so many amazing coins out there this year (thanks to our amazing donors!!), and so many YNs having worked hard all year in preparation for it! Should be a wild ride! :)

5.Gimme your best “quotable” quote.

The YN auction has been one of the highlights of my year, since the second auction, when I was barely even considered a preteen. :) Thanks to it, I've grown in the hobby, learned a lot, secured pieces for my collection that I never would've been able to otherwise, and made a ton of great YN friends. Here's to another amazing auction!! Number five! :)

6.Your input on the grab bag rule change.

Though I will miss the ability to bid on grab bags, because I have gotten some amazing coins from them in previous years, I think it is great that the new rule gives younger and newer YNs a chance. For example, my first year, I was new to the ANA and didn't have many YN$, so I didn't win a grab bag. But now, because of the new rule, maybe some YNs who wouldn't have a chance at anything otherwise will get a great win!

7.Gold coin. Yes or No?

Gold coin... hmmm. I might try to bid on it this year, although I don't know if I'll get it or not. Last year the gold coin broke 1,000YN$, just for that one coin. Should be interesting to see how high we get on it this year. :)

8.Any shoutouts?

I just want to give a shout out to Mr. Gelberd and Mr. Gillis, and all of the other volunteers running cameras and sound for the auction, and giving out the YN$ all through the year, and doing all of those other things that make this auction possible! You guys are awesome, and without you (and the donors of course), there would not be an annual YN auction to look forward to! Thank you so very much, from every YN, I'm sure!!! :) And also, one more shout out to all of the awesome YNs who I have been able to meet through this auction that I have become friends with! (I think some of you have, sadly, graduated out of the rank of YN by now though) :) Y'all are amazing! Good luck this year!! :)

I hope the donors enjoyed this interview as much as I did. Seeing the impact of the hard work you do is rewarding. I’ll get a YN auction live blog up pretty much right after I post this interview/article. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!



Level 6

Interesting idea you had on this blog. I enjoyed it. Thanks and thanks Zanzibar.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Great interview!!!!


Level 6

Very well done. Enjoyed the interview.


Level 4

Sam is a legend for putting this together

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