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14 Sep 2019

YN Auction Live Blog

| The Coin Student

Today's the day. Check out live updates here!
12:06 Over 70 people here, and 110 lots should be interesting folks!

12:22 Just learned that Mihir K has participated in all 5 YN auctions. When I asked him how he felt about that, he said;"Makes me miss the old days" -me too Mihir.

3:09 I've been busy bidding in the auction, but I've had many people ask me to continue this, so here I am!


1.Favorite Mega Manx Party has decided to hang up the auction paddle for this year with 3.9k YN. I caught up with him post-performance: "I am not worried, there's always next year...Garrett and Abby were going all out since it was their last year...I am going all out next year though." He mentioned in the chat he's aiming for 8 grand Yn dollars, which would be a record for the most YN dollars ever owned! He will dominate next year folks!

2.(The Bid 2):Speaking of records, how about Garrett winning the gold coin with an all-time bid at 4,700 Yn dollars! It breaks the record by 1,600 YN dollars! A stunning moment that will always be remembered In YN auction history.

3.Another ejection, this time for a NASCAR fan. It's only the second time ever this has happened! This one was more interesting though IMO. It shall be called "The Ejection"!

4.Record setting attendance as 74 people registered and 65 people were on the stream at once! With 110 lots getting coins has been challenging for some, but with the new grab bag rule they have a good chance still.

It's time for some questions!

What toppings do you like on your pizza?:

Jude_Arnold-Italian Sausage

Cheryl Barkley-Mushrooms and Olives

Tilli Chz-Olives



Favorite Football Player?

Jude_Arnold-Patrick Mahomes

Mihir K-Antonio Brown (lol)

TCS-Jacoby Brissett

Favorite Weird Color

Cheryl Barkley-Wine Red

Mihir K-Puke Green

Theodore Malio-Macaroni Yellow

TCS-United Nations Blue

Other Things You Collect?

999 kevman-License plates

Cheryl Barkley-Model horses and arrowheads

Coltons_Coin_Finds-Autographs, stamps and books

Abigail Zechman-Books and Disney Pins

Tristan-Shot glassesEli Hardwick-Vintage Harry Potter Lego sets
What Did You Eat For Lunch Today?999 kevman-Mac and CheeseCheryl Barkley-Trail MixTheodore Mallo-Custard Ice-Cream Pies



Thank you I will be in the auction next year!!


Level 5

Thanks for the update.

The blog is running out of space so it's scrunching up at the bottom.

r u doing q and a today?


Level 4

I am in the auction!


Level 4


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