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25 Dec 2021

1 in a Million?!

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Hello everyone, I hope your having a good day. I recently purchased a bulk lot of world coins from some third party auction site. After sorting through it many times I slowly picked out the silver and old dated coins. At first I saw this 20 Lira Italy coin and thought the design was pretty amazing and unlike most coins I have seen. Tonight, I was cataloging my collection and searching through my Standard Catalog of World Coins and was confused at first but then after multiple times reading over, I think I found a 1927 20 Lire V. I attached a photo because I seriously cannot tell if my mind is playing me. According to my book, it is very rare and has a mintage of 100 and priced in the thousands. Can someone please confirm so I can get it slabbed right away! However, there is also a chance that it is counterfeit because of its rarity. Any help?Thank you,Ellis Landauer



Level 3

UPDATE: After further review, the coin was deemed a replica. Despite it weighing and sizing the same as an original, it was identified as nickel, not silver :(.


Level 5

sure looks like the reference of only 100 mintage is correct!!!


Level 6

Wish you the best in finding the information you are looking for


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Maybe have a coin dealer take a look at it. Check the weight and diameter. Good luck! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Before rolling the dice on a third party grader, find the weight of the coin and weigh it on an accurate scale. If that checks out, compare it with known examples by Googling it.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Long strider knows a lot about Italian coins, perhaps he could be helpful


Level 5

I am guessing that line on top of the V means you have the higher mintage coin. Still a nice coin though. I have some foreign coins I am identifying. Its fun looking at older foreign coins.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Nice information . Thanks


Level 5

I also am not familiar with world coins. If it is a rarity, congrats ! Thanks for sharing.


Level 7

If you got lucky and maybe you did I hope you did. It would have to grade an XF according to the book.. I hope you got it. It would make a great story. Great Christmas gift! How about the reverse!


Level 3

I’m not too familiar with world coins but that is a cool purchase

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