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14 Aug 2021

Unknown Ancient Judea Coin

Ancient Coins | user_55494

Hello ANA! This past high school semester, I participated in a study abroad to Israel, where much of my family history is. Aside from learning about all of the ancient history that occurred there thousands of years ago, I also was so exited to find some ancient coins at the flea markets. I bought this coin for around 50 shekels (around 15-16 dollars). This seems to be an bronze or copper coin from BCE, and I am assuming it is a prutah, or a small denomination of Judean coins. I have recently been doing some research about other coins from this time when all of a sudden I remembered I have one! Since this realization, I have not been able to sleep and have been researching for days, looking through archives and reading information. Based on my research, I am almost certain it is a real coin, and not a counterfeit, and I feel that it has some potential to be identified. With one side being in better condition than the other (I'm not sure which is the rev. or obv.!), I can see some Greek lettering, and figures surrounding the entire side, signifying that it may have been created during Hellenistic Judean times (Hasmonean Dynasty). However, I still cannot identify it! I can also see some Greek lettering on the other side. Well despite still researching, I was wondering if safely cleaning the coin, and removing some dirt and corrosion, while still keeping the patina intact, maybe with water and a soft toothbrush, and / or toothpick (of course no drying off with a towel!). Well despite still researching it, I also wanted to mention that I am keeping it in a two by two cardboard flip, and hoping to maintain the coins integrity. If anyone reading this has any idea what coin this or how to identify it, please let me know! Also, if anyone has any tips and pointers on restoring it, also be sure to leave a comment! Moving on to some details I noticed on this coin, I noticed a person like figure next to the striated larger figure (could be a harp!). I also am 75% certain that there is an omega symbol on the bottom, further indicating that this coin is linked to Greek origin. One other thing I was wondering is if anyone has any information on how to take better and clearer pictures of coins, either a device, or techniques using loupes, because these lousy photos are using my phone camera. Anyways, if you have any idea or have any pointers or info, be sure to leave a comment, or you can leave me an email at ellislandauer@gmail.com. Thank you for reading if you got this far!- Ellis Landauer

09 Dec 2020

Weimar Republic Coin

Coins | user_55494

Hello, this post is in regard to a new coin I have acquired on my German coin journey. This coin is a 1927 coin which has an obverse with Ernst August Koenig Von Hannover. Underneath the portrait, it says "Nach Brehmer" and underneath that is "H.S.". The reverse contains a portrait of the Hoff Theatre in Germany. Above the theatre is "Ehem.Kon.Hof-Theatre Zu Hannover" In addition, there is "Laves Archt" and again "Nach Brehmer" underneath the portrait. Underneath those words, there is a text "Zur Brinnbrung an Diss 75 Jaerige Jubelfeier am 1 September 1927". Translates to For the celebration of this 75 year anniversary on September 1, 1927. This coin is supposedly made in .750 silver according to the person who first collected this coin. I got this coin off of an auction site, hence, I have no idea about the origins or numismatic value of the coin. I would like to believe that it is a token or medal given to the Germans who went to the 75th anniversary of this theatre in 1927. For those who don't know, I am of Jewish-German Heritage and my family was persecuted by the Nazis. I have made it a personal project to collect coins from this era and send the collections to different Holocaust Museums to help with the remembrance of the atrocities of the Nazi party, or the German Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei. If anyone has any idea of what this coin is or where it came from, feel free to either leave a comment, or email me at ellislandauer@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

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