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25 Dec 2021

1 in a Million?!

Coins | user_55494

Hello everyone, I hope your having a good day. I recently purchased a bulk lot of world coins from some third party auction site. After sorting through it many times I slowly picked out the silver and old dated coins. At first I saw this 20 Lira Italy coin and thought the design was pretty amazing and unlike most coins I have seen. Tonight, I was cataloging my collection and searching through my Standard Catalog of World Coins and was confused at first but then after multiple times reading over, I think I found a 1927 20 Lire V. I attached a photo because I seriously cannot tell if my mind is playing me. According to my book, it is very rare and has a mintage of 100 and priced in the thousands. Can someone please confirm so I can get it slabbed right away! However, there is also a chance that it is counterfeit because of its rarity. Any help?Thank you,Ellis Landauer

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