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09 Dec 2020

Weimar Republic Coin

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Hello, this post is in regard to a new coin I have acquired on my German coin journey. This coin is a 1927 coin which has an obverse with Ernst August Koenig Von Hannover. Underneath the portrait, it says "Nach Brehmer" and underneath that is "H.S.". The reverse contains a portrait of the Hoff Theatre in Germany. Above the theatre is "Ehem.Kon.Hof-Theatre Zu Hannover" In addition, there is "Laves Archt" and again "Nach Brehmer" underneath the portrait. Underneath those words, there is a text "Zur Brinnbrung an Diss 75 Jaerige Jubelfeier am 1 September 1927". Translates to For the celebration of this 75 year anniversary on September 1, 1927. This coin is supposedly made in .750 silver according to the person who first collected this coin. I got this coin off of an auction site, hence, I have no idea about the origins or numismatic value of the coin. I would like to believe that it is a token or medal given to the Germans who went to the 75th anniversary of this theatre in 1927. For those who don't know, I am of Jewish-German Heritage and my family was persecuted by the Nazis. I have made it a personal project to collect coins from this era and send the collections to different Holocaust Museums to help with the remembrance of the atrocities of the Nazi party, or the German Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei. If anyone has any idea of what this coin is or where it came from, feel free to either leave a comment, or email me at ellislandauer@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!



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Photos would be great. Definitely a disturbing time in social history.

It's Mokie

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The Weimar Republic produced some quite beautiful inflation currency during its short duration. I suspect the Versailles Treaty's extremely harsh terms made the rise of Nazism almost inevitable.


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I really need some photos to help you out. Also, what is the denomination? Have you tried this site yet? It's very good. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/index.php?e=germany&r=1927&ct=coin&tb=y&tc=y&tn=y&tp=y&tt=y&cat=y&ru=&ca=3&no=&v=&d=&i=&a=&dg=&m=&f=&t=&w=&u=&g=&se=&c=&wi=&sw=

I just found some older German silver from right before the Nazis went full throttle. They don't have the swastikas, but minted during when Adolf had power. I've found nothing on it in my German catalogs, so i would assume it is a very special issue that may not even be government issued in the sense of coinage. Perhaps more of a medal than a coin. good luck on your journey.


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Cool find! I like that you are donating them to all those different museums and memorials. I might me making a trip to DC in 2021, so I will probably stop by the Holocaust museum. As for the identity of the coin, I will not know. Thanks for sharing!


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Sounds like a great coin. I wish you had a good picture to go with a great blog.. Keep up your search and keep us updated. This is were we.learn.


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My family were German Jews, most, but not all came to American in waves starting in the very late 1700s through the 1820-40 range. Most of the family settled in the southern part of the US, in areas that later became SC, GA and Al. Most of the family ended up leaving the Jewish faith although not all. The family name was Moses, and to this day over 50 years later, I remember family reunions where we got together and we had representatives from the Southern Baptist, Catholic, Jewish religion among others. My grandfather was the physical epitome of the stereotypical Jewish Man, small in statue, 5'4 or 5, bald, big ears, large nose and he could make a penny squeal. We were never ashamed of our heritage, but no one ever made a big deal of it either. My Dad and many of my uncles fought in WWII against Germany. I enjoyed your blog and appreciate the things you are doing for the various Holocaust Museums. Later!

I. R. Bama

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A little history about the "instability" of the Weiner republic... After the victory by the Allies after WW I, they left the German state in ruins. Their infrastructure and economy were destroyed and the German people were left in abject poverty. This led to the rise of Socialism in the form of a populist movement. With the rise of any socialist government, you find the rise of totalitarianism . Such a government needs a unifying enemy to rally against, in this case taking the form of antisemitism leading to the the Holocaust. It was purely evil. Similarly, we saw the massive executions of Jews in the pogroms of the Soviet state. Let's not forget the Soviets and Nazis were allied initially until Hitler in his megalomania tried to seize their lands. This is why the Allies rebuilt Germany after WW II; to prevent the repetition of past historical lessons. It also led to the creation of the nation of Israel which while well intentioned has caused international conflicts. Perhaps I don't understand but I never understood why so many American Jewish people embrace leftist politics when socialist and communists are hell bent on the oppression and eradication of the Jewish peoples. We have a lot of educated people who might enlighten us on these points, and I would welcome being schooled further about this by our learned fellows. Perhaps I have the wrong idea about it and would like to hear more about it.


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I believe that I found another one here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/75-anniversary-Konigliches-Hoftheater-of-Hannover-medal-Hanover-Germany-1927-7-/300877268755 It is bronze instead of silver. During this time period Germany made a ton of different commemorative medals. Yours being silver would be better than most but would probably still be in the $50-100 range. This is a collecting interest of mine as well.


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Amazing! That is a wonderful goal. I admire you for that. I have started collecting these coins as well, and they hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing! Don't give up. Cheers, NM


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Pretty neat. I heard the Weimar Republic was unstable and could do nothing to curb the riots and prevent the rise of Hitler. The theatre is still around. Do you mind sending us some pics?


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@Coinfodder, absolutley! I am working on finding a method on how to photograph the coins with good details.

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