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21 Mar 2022

Wholesale Coin Pricing

| user_55494

Hi everyone, so apparently my last blog got taken down for "advertising" when I was simply just looking for input. Anyways, I am a very quantitative person and am very analytical. Because of this, I very much dislike pricing wholesale coins as there is no exact science for it. On the contrary, I am trying to create one by adding deflators to many inflated sources.Let B be bluebook values, R be redbook, G be greysheet, N be NGC Price Guide, PCGS be P,HA be HA, Ebay be Eb. Also I will be adding X to be a wow factor whether it has a CAC sticker, or cool toning, etc).Also let N be # of input values
(0.9B+.66R+G+0.7N+0.7P+HA+Eb+X)/NObviously this is not a perfect science and therefore I have added a $15+/- room for error, which I believe is a reasonable margin
Please let me know if this seems accurate, or if you think I should change anything, I am all ears so please be responsive to whether or not this seems reasonable for wholesale pricing.Thank you,Ellis Landauer



Level 5

If you can make it happen more power to you. Retailers will NOT want this to happen and will attempt to crush it.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Interesting idea but I don't understand why ebay is one of the elements of the equation. All the others are standard and accepted grading and pricing guides for sets of coins (e.g. a 1921 S lincoln cent has a set value in its condition for each of the pricing services.) Ebay is a retailer and the vendor can ask for any price with no bearing on what any of these guides say. Also with Heritage auctions, you might find identical coins in grade sold for different prices So I don't understand why you chose those elements for the equation. Could you explain that to us? and I was interested in the weighting of each of the elements. Was that a coin price for a coin across the different services or is that something you are multiplying the coin value by?

Long Beard

Level 5

Some would suggest that the coin market values are a science. I would argue that you'd be better off formulating the Powerball numbers to increase the odds of winning. Ever since modern technology increased the availability in quantity and ability to buy 24/7, 365 both the wholesale and retail values change at rates not seen before hand. A ten dollar wholesale today might be twenty by week's end. With the sheer number of coins across all denominations it's amazing they are even close currently. I do applaud your effort.


Level 6

Very interesting indeed... Thanks for the blog! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

You post is nice and creative . That formula looks like a laboratory computation . 'Hope you hit the spot . Good luck .


Level 3

The AP Calculus is finally coming in handy:)

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