13 Oct 2015

I have slowly began to collect coins, and I have found it is very fun, yet takes a lot of my time too. My wife and daughter jokingly call me a "dork". But at the same time, my daughter enjoy's going through everything I have and trying to wrap her head around the fact that ALL of these coins have some type of history tied to them...wether it be "who's pocket was that in, or where do you think that coin has traveled to"? great questions, that I can't answer...none the less, my wife keeps asking "what are those gonna be worth in the future?" My only response is...."don't know, face value to someone who knows nothing, maybe more to the educated". so with that in mind, I started collecting something she can relate too....precious metal...mainly silver. She can understand the market for that, it's not that she doesn't care about coins, she just doesn't care to follow me in my collections. I can only hope as my collections grow, she will not just give them away so I am leaving notes about what I have and where she can take them if GOD forbid, something were to happen to me.... anyway, enough about that, this is a new collection of silver and gold.....

5 one ounce bars of silver
1 two ounce bar of silver
1 five ounce bar of silver
1 two gram "thumbnail" size gold

This collection will grow, kids really like to see and hold silver and gold. Seems like they can relate to that easier than a coin, knowing both are worth something, but can't wrap their head around the history of a coin. I hate the plastic world!! Will update all collections when stuff comes in or I find new.



Level 5

Awesome, thanks!

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