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17 Jun 2020

Peter Jefferson Eagle- part 2

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Funny thing happened this morning.....before I wrote the blog on Peter the Eagle, my wife happened to send me this without any knowledge that i was going to be inspired to write about Peter. She knows about my interest in him..... She sent me a video on Youtube about him. The video originated from CBS channel 3 from Philly. It appears to have been done just before the NFL Eagles started a season. I don't know the date of broadcast. Some of the history reported conflicts with all I have ever read about Peter, but that's fake news for ya.... In any event, it was an enjoyable video and what a surprise for me that she sent it. What a coincidence!



Level 5

Very nice coin ! Thanks for the post. Charlie aka slybluenote


Level 6



Level 4

Very interesting video; glad you linked it!


Level 5

Awesome story. Video was very interesting. Must of been something to have an eagle visit where you work all the time. Nice Story.


Level 7

Thanks for providing that I will take a look. Not a fan of You Tube to many self proclaimed experts.This I will check out.thanks

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