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03 Jul 2020

Mint Error, What type?

Coins-United States | I. R. Bama

One of my most favorite coins is the Flying Eagle Cent series. This is also my first mint error coin that I bought. I need help in identifying this error. I have two guesses, I'm not sure either is correct. The first most likely is a die break. The second I'm sure couldn't be is a sintered planchet. This is defined as a planchet that picks up a layer of metal dust when it sticks in the annealing drum longer than normal, forming a hard copper or black coating on the planchet that strikes through the actual striking of the coin. (ANA Introduction to Coin Collecting Correspondence Course). The main reason I doubt that is because of the rarity of that error. Only about 50 are know, So I am inviting you all to help me with this and further my education.This is also the first picture I took with my plug in usb magnifier. A hand held shot. I'll try to replace it a little later with a better photo.

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