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30 Jun 2020

Using ANA to the Fullest: What Website Resources Do You Use?

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There is so much to gain from on this website. I have only scratched the surface by reading blogs and commenting on other's blogs as well as writing a couple of my own.
I was looking at the ANA Official Blog yesterday and spent a little time getting familiar with the library but I got the idea they aren't loaning books right now because of the virus. Maybe I got the wrong impression on that. There is a book they have I would like to see on varieties of Flying Eagle Cents.
What other features do you all use and which do you all not care for much? And, of course, why do you like them or don't like them? What strategies do you use to get the most out of your membership?


I. R. Bama

Level 5

I looked at the virtual coin museum this morning. Being at work I didn't have time to look at it long so I looked up Flying Eagle cents. That was kind of disappointing, there were images for 1857 and 185, one of each. What was disappointing was how bad of shape the 1858 was in. I wouldn't have even owned that coin, let along expected it to be seen in the museum here. At best it was a F 12 and I'm being generous. I would have thought they would have them all including the 1856 pattern and the proofs.


Level 5

The ANA has excellent resources but so do PCGS and NGC. Both these companies feature excellent professional write-ups for a great many coins. PCGS through CoinFacts and NGC through their Coin Explorer. Gives these resources a try and the best thing is that they are both free!


Level 5

I read the digital magazine every month. Tried and failed on using the Library. I can't seem to get anything to work on it. Always searching the site to find out what the shows are etc.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

The library is closed now even to send out materials and they can't tell me when they plan to reopen.

Long Beard

Level 5

I use the Library main link and the digital archives quite frequently. I don't have enough years left in me to read the number of back issues available under the latter subheading.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That's great Harrison! What are your collecting interests?


Level 3

I just got my membership about 2 weeks ago. Since I am a YN there are some fun grading games and other resources. But my favorite things are the projects such as the dollar project If you complete the projects you can earn some pretty sweet coins, such as for the dollar project I earned an American Silver Eagle. Thanks for the blog!


Level 6

On this site I just finished watching the Grading 101 on their FREE internet classes. They have one coming up on Secrets of the Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents Participants will examine all aspects of collecting two of the most popular series in U.S. numismatics, including history, grading, values, varieties, and collecting strategies. The course also covers counterfeit and problem coins. Instructor: Richard Snow, professional coin dealer, and specialist in U.S. small cents When: October 13, 2020 | 6:00 PM MDT://info.money.org/elearning Here is a link. Sign up as this is a class that was recently added. The original group of class are filling up. I also use the library and blogs as well as the forums. I try to use everything available. No Facebook as they don't like me??


Level 4

One that I enjoy is going through the complete archive of the Numismatist that is available via the website, you actually get routed to another site for access. I also enjoy the trivia courses though I would appreciate seeing some new ones. Lastly, though not specific to the website, there are free classes staring this week in lieu of the ever popular summer seminar. I have signed up for five of them myself and look forward to the first one tomorrow.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I use a variety of venues to enhance my coin collecting knowledge and camaraderie. Local clubs are most important as you actually get to see your fellow collector, see his show/tell coins and hear interesting presentations. Those have been on hiatus for a while due to Coronachan but hopefully they will return by August. The ANA also sponsors a private forum on Facebook called "American Numismatic Association Members" this is different then their public Facebook page and requires ANA membership to enroll in the group. There is a very lively forum on their and I am finding it more diverse and more interesting than our Money.org page. Some of the most prominent members of the hobby appear from time to time and it is well worth joining if you have a Facebook Account. The ANA has a wonderful Library but it can get costly unless you live in Colorado Springs, you have to pay postage both ways and you have to also provide insurance both ways. What I usually do is identify a book I want to read, find out if it is available through my local "Carnegie" library system and also check amazon. Between the two sources, I usually find the book I want as a free checkout or as a relatively cheap used book from amazon. The used price is often cheaper than the postage/insurance costs through ANA plus you now own the book you were seeking. Finally, I love the Instagram coin pages, there are many and they display a wide variety of coins. I have posted quite a large number there myself and find it is my new go-to site for posting my latest finds or something interesting from my old collection. Bottom line, this site is wonderful but there is a whole world of other resources outside the confines of this site. LMK if you want specific information about anything,, like most everyone else here, I am happy to pass what knowledge I have.

I use the forum and blog, read the magazine, I'm trying to help my club make better use of their membership, the new e-learning a academy, and of course free NGC membership and the Whitman discount


Level 5

I enjoy reading The Numismatist when I have the time. A lot of great articles and the "price is right", FREE! I usually just scan the stories that interest me, but there are quite a few of them! It has something for everyone! Charlie aka slybluenote


Level 7

I share my knowledge that I got from books.picked up allot on the site. Listen to Rick Tamaska. I also do not buy. By the way he's still trying to sell the brilliant Uncirirculaded down a hundred now for 395.00. Not worth it. Read magiziens. . Every blog I wrote I own the coin. Anyone can pick up the Read book and write one. It's different when you own it. You have a feel for it. That and a few pictures. Thanks.

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