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28 Sep 2021

Numismatics is all around us if we look

| user_5902

While driving down a rural road in West Virginia, route 612 west, I passed the long closed New River Company Oakwood Store. I wonder what stories this abandoned building could tell us about the coal mining scrip that was used there? A shortcut to the interstate turned out to be the highlight of my day.


Numismatics is all around us... we just don't see it.

AC coin$

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This has been my line of thought . We are surrounded by the presence of money and its evolution.


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The biggest copper mine in England the Prary mines . . It came to a point Britain was in financial trouble. The owners made there own tokens to pay there employees . It spread. Tokens were all over England . Thousands. And they bailed the people out!

Long Beard

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Small world. I'm very familiar with 612, from U.S. 19 (Whipple Junction) near Oak Hill to I-77. Living across the border in PA and owning a motorcycle I like to ride! There's also a small former mining town on 250 west between Fairmont and Moundsville that I've wondered the same thing about passing the old brick mine buildings. Thanks for sharing!


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There could a great story with building and tokens


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I owe my soul to the company store!


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"Another day older and deeper in debt"... I love that ol' song... haha ; )

Long Beard

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16 tons what do you get?.......now that songs in my head and won't come out!


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I always think of company issued scrip as a kind of debt bondage meant to keep their workers both poor and beholden. That thought alone would make me very unlikely to collect that kind of scrip. But we do see a lot of interesting things on the byways that we never see on the highways.


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Coal mining script and other forms designed for payment are really interesting areas to collect. History is all around us, just need to think about it.

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