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28 Apr 2019

coin adventures #1

Coins | ClassicalNumismatist

so i never take a break off numismatics i went to arkansas and i got a 2019 liberty walking half and i got 1910 i forgot what it was i also got a lot of world coins cause my dads friend is in the airforce so hes been to a lot of places i got some coins from a country in the bahammas and some from england and canada coin adventures #1

13 Apr 2019


Coins | ClassicalNumismatist

hey guys i am new to the american numismatic website but i have been collecting for 1 or 2 years i am nine years old i enjoy the hobby and really like the history to it i hope to spread coins as far as i can i may start posting coin blogs but i hope this is a introduction into coin blogs/adventures for me again i will be posting coin blogs but not that much i hope you like my adventures in the world of numismatics.

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