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05 Jul 2021

What is this nickel

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I have recently acquired some nickels from a friend, all of these nickels are very similar to the image of the nickel shown above. I know that it is a westward journey "American Bison" nickel, that was easy. The problem is, is that they seem a little proof like. After some research I am mostly sure that they are not copper satin finished, and they are probably in the MS 66+ grading. I just can't figure out if they are proofs, SMS, or just average nickels that have a high grade. My friend said that his grandfather purchased them at a coin shop around a decade ago, and that they came in somespecial boxes with a paper mint "certificate"; I'm not sure what that means except his grandfather may have been duped. If you have any idea on what this is, please let me know. Thank you.

13 May 2021

Type one or Type two?

Coins | Mr. Monetary

I recently acquired this 1981-S Susan B. Anthony and believe it is a proof. The only trouble is, is that there are two types of the coin. The 2021 red book tells me that a certain variation of the 's' mint mark makes the difference between them, but I can't see the 's' well enough under my magnifying glass to decide which type it is. Is there other variations I can use to mark the difference?

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