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05 Jul 2021

What is this nickel

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I have recently acquired some nickels from a friend, all of these nickels are very similar to the image of the nickel shown above. I know that it is a westward journey "American Bison" nickel, that was easy. The problem is, is that they seem a little proof like. After some research I am mostly sure that they are not copper satin finished, and they are probably in the MS 66+ grading. I just can't figure out if they are proofs, SMS, or just average nickels that have a high grade. My friend said that his grandfather purchased them at a coin shop around a decade ago, and that they came in somespecial boxes with a paper mint "certificate"; I'm not sure what that means except his grandfather may have been duped. If you have any idea on what this is, please let me know. Thank you.


Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Doesn't seem like a proof. probably just a nice business strike. Still a nice coin though!


Level 5

Maybe just nice rolls since he purchased quite a few. A lot of people put away rolls like that.

Long Beard

Level 5

I would have to agree with Mokie on the satin finish theory. What I have noticed though, for some odd reason the Denver coinage always seems much brighter and better struck than those in Philadelphia. What ever the actual case may be, those would be keepers for sure.


Level 6

Looks normal from the photos. Can't tell what "special" deal it may be. COA. Thnaks.


Level 6

It doesn't look like a proof to me...more like a regular circulated business strike. Nice nickel though. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

His grandfather didn't get duped. The mint issues certificates of authenticy

Mr. Monetary

Level 3

OK, it was just a little suspicious, the shop owner convinced him to buy a few hundred dollars worth. I'm not entirely familier with the way the mint does things


Level 7

I have the whole nickel set in two Dansco albums. The westward set was P.D.S. of each coin and there were proofs. But the series is more than four coins. And proof coins were made. This coin does not look proof. And you can't grade that 66+. It was circulated and it's not protected. That means hairline scratches. And other problems you cannot see with the naked eye. They were made of satin also. P,D,S,. .

Mr. Monetary

Level 3

Thanks, that's actually really useful information; didn't know that.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Judging from your pictures, they look like normal uncirculated business strikes. SMS versions would have a strong satin finish and proofs would have a cameo finish (for current proofs).

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