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06 Sep 2017

125 year anniversary Royal Dutch Numismatics Society

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On 16th and 17th June 2017 the Royal Dutch Numismatic Society celebrated its 125-year anniversary in Utrecht, Netherlands. A two day conference was held with speakers on a variety of subjects.

The members of the society were presented with a medal in bronze and the book “Canon van ons geld”, an overview of 50 items connected to Dutch numismatic history.



Level 3

Really nice stuff.


Level 6

Really nice Medal! It's great that everyone received one!


Level 7

Come back and show and tell us more of your coins. We are eager to see them. Give it a shot. Write a blog were still here. Give it a chance. Mike


Level 5

Very nice medal. Thanks.


Level 6

Nice medal. Thanks for sharing with us.


Level 6

Beautiful medal. The Dutch Mint uses very modern, innovative designs.


Level 5

Very interesting medal. Thanks for the posting and photo.


Level 6

I think it is great medals are handed out to conference attendees.


Level 7

That's a very beautiful medal. The ANA also came out with medals on their anniversary. Thanks for the picture .mike

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