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10 Jan 2016

A Preliminary Look at the Leeuwengroten of Louis of Mâle (1346-1384): Issues IV and V

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Over the past months we have been looking at several coin hoards from the Netherlands and visited some public and private collections. The most common gros compagon found today áis Type V issued byLouis of Male, count of Flanders (1346-1384). Having seen many of them and compared them with exisiting literatur we were able to identify sub-groups that went unnoticed untill now.

The complete report can be found hereá



Level 5

Great historical piece! Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

not the best looking coins but old combined with foreign equals cool

RvO Numismatics

Level 3

most medieval coins are not that great to look at. Poor workmanship + staying in the ground for centuries has effect on them. The history behind the coins is great though.


Level 5

Is there a link?

RvO Numismatics

Level 3

If you click on 'here' you will be directed to the report

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