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28 May 2015

The Coins of the Staple Hoard (2015)

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As our research on the medieval lion groat (leeuwengroot / gros compagnon) continous, we were given the opportunity to report on a recent hoard containing 6 examples of this coin.

You can find the report here



Level 5



Level 5

great hoard, thanks for sharing.


Level 5

Excellent. Thanks!

Ian Fenn

Level 5

Thanks. A question: the lion side of the coin( obverse?) looks, stylistically, like the Prager groschen ( Wensclas II) is that more than a coincidence?

RvO Numismatics

Level 3

Interesting idea. The Prager groschen was a bit earlier than the gros compagnon of Flanders. So the count of Flanders might have borrowed the idea from the Prager issues. Although this coin did not circulate in the Netherlands much at the time. Perhaps something we can look into as part of our research. Thanks.


Level 5

Awesome, thanks.


Level 6

Very nice find. Thanks for the link!


Level 6



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