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20 Aug 2018

Canadian Penny

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I was going through my grandmothers old money when I saw a design I had never found before. I asked my brother what it was. It was a 1929 high 9 Canadian penny. He told me that I should hold onto it because it might be worth some money. When I got home I got out my phone and I started searching. The high nine looked most like my particular penny, so I searched deeper. It turns out that my penny has a value of $15 even though I don't think anybody would buy it for that much it is still very cool that it could possibly be worth that much. I spent almost an hour gathering my family's opinions on if it was a high nine or not. My whole family agreed that it was a high nine. I happily placed it in my coin tin until a few days ago when I reorganized my coin binder I started looking for it. I had lost this valuable coin. I started searching high and low all over my room for it, but it was still missing. I couldn't believe that I lost my grandmas coin. Finally, I found a blue piggy bank that didn't open and I remembered that was where I put my penny. Except due to the fact that I couldn't get it open, I couldn't get my penny out. I was devistated and I didn't know what to do, so I asked my dad if I could borrow a hammer to smash the piggy bank with. He told me no of course. I started trying to break it myself considerti had already broke my other piggy bank. My brother tried to help me too until finally it broke and I searched through and found my missing penny. After that, I put all of the change I had in the blue piggy into the when that actually opened. I went upstairs to my brothers room to put in my binder which I had forgotten to grab when I came downstairs to my room. I asked him to hand it back when he said he didn't have it. I went back downstairs to look for it( again) when I remembered that I put ALL of my change in the new piggy bank. I searched through my new piggy bank and I found it again. I'm just not very good at keeping track of Canadian pennies. I hope that the next time I get one I don't loose it a s much. Every time I go to my grandmas house she always has new coins to look through. She works at McDonalds so people bring in dollar coins and wheat pennies all the time. She takes he own money like a dollar bill if she finds a dollar coin and she switches them out. She always takes us into consideration when she substitutes her money to get us special coins. She also got a membership to Littleton coins and got my brother and I a bag of 2009 bicentennial pennies. My oldest sister didn't want hers so I got hers instead. My favorite type of coin is the Indian head cent. And I also like half Pennies a lot. I felt very lucky when I found the Canadian penny in a roll of all US pennies.

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