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28 Jun 2019

The Money Museum

Money Museum | Bush Bush Numismatics

On Friday, June 22nd, 2019, I visited the Money Museum in Colorado Springs. Before even going into the museum, I was greeted with an old printing press and a wall of fellow numismatists. When we walked in, we were greeted with a friendly smile and hello. Because of being apart of the ANA, I got in for no cost. As you turned to your right there was a small gift shop with useful items, and a machine that you put two quarters and a penny in and you got a pressed penny to remember your trip. There were other shirts, bags, and other standard souvenirs. They also had unique souveniers, such as coins they turned into guitar picks. When you walked into the actual museum, you didn't know where to start. There was a giant collection of coins that consisted of every denomination imaginable. There were also many level 8 rarity coins. There was a very friendly security guard that made the trip even more enjoyable. He quizzes me over coin facts, and I must say I learned a lot from just that quiz. After taking a picture with the cardboard cut out of Queen Elizabeth I was gifted a coin featuring the queen, and a new fact to take home with me. On the bottom floor of the museum there were coin presses and a video that told about all the steps in the process of coin making. There was many other exhibits featuring coins from different countries, and it also had a showcase for hobo nickels that was very impressive. One of the buffalos had a hoodie carved into it. There were also other very impressive works of art encased in the glass. There were many posters to read , and learn about how the countries developed their use of coins and other money. There were many showcases to look at throughout the whole museum. Many of the cases had magnifying glasses over them, so you could get a closer look at the featured coin. There was also a theatre in the corner of the top level that showed you a video of money. There were other things to look at besides coins as well. There were models of ships and other historic replicas. There was truly a lot to look at. My personal favorite part was looking through the foreign coins and learning about the develponmznt of coins and money throughout time and throughout different areas of the world. I definitely recommend a visit to this memorable museum. It's a wonderful place to learn and explore different types of money and coins. If you're in town or planning to come to Colorado, this is definitely a must for you. It's fun for the whole family, and will keep you occupied for hours.

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