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17 Sep 2019

What's Your favorite Piece of Your Collection.

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Many of us have heard this question before, but what does entail. Is it our most valuable coin, the one that took eons to find, or the one that just makes you smile when you see it. Maybe it is not because the coin that it is your favorite, but perhaps the activities surrounding the day of when you got the coin matters too. My personal favorite, is quite a mixture of these. My 1991 Isle of Man proof Norwegian forest cat coin. This coin took me forever to find at a coin show. Although found easily online, I really wanted to have this coin in my hands before I purchased it. This coin is one troy ounce of pure silver minted at the Pobjoy Mint located on the Isle of Man in the center of Great Britain and Ireland. This commemorative coin was engraved by Raphael David Maklouf, an d I have to say he did a very nice job. Like all most coins minted around this part of the world, a portrait of Queen Elizabeth is on the obverse, with my favorite breed of cat on the reverse. This coin only has a mintage of 10,000, but since it is modern it is not as hard to find as something with that mintage made in the United States near the foundation of the country. This is quite a large coin, bigger than any Morgan or Peace dollar. I saved up a few weeks so I could get this coin, and I am very pleased I did. But just having the coin is not just the best part of this coin, it was the day. My family took me to a coin show about an hour away from where I live, and i was very excited. I brought the money I had saved up, hoping to find this coin there for the right price. Once I got there, they were giving out door prizes, and I was the first person to be called, winning a 1991 proof set to put into my collection. I was walking around for the first hour, looking closely at every dealer's table for this coin, when lo' and behold, towards the end of the first row of table it was there. The coin was shining brilliantly through the glass of the dealer's case and I had to get my hands on it. I asked if I could see it, and I held it under the scope of my loupe to see if there was anything wrong with the coin. Thankfully, I did not find anything wrong with the coin, and I asked the dealer how much it would cost. I was so happy when I heard the price was under what I was willing to spend. The fun was not yet over though. Afterwards, my family went out to eat. t was a very special day an da very special coin.



Level 6

Sounds like a great day and a you were able to get a coin that you really wanted. One of my favorites in my collection is 1909 S VDB Cent ; )

I'd have to say its my MS63 NGC slabbed 1895 Herman Kretz Mint Superintendent medal. Its 77mm and bronze and what gives it bragging rights is that it holds the top pop (population spot) on the NGC boards. It's kind of cool having the "best known" of something, even if it isn't a 1804 dollar.


Level 7

I know this sounds weird but I like all my coins ,tokens,and medals. They bring much happiness. Doesn't matter with one. . Thanks for the blog.


Level 6

I have different favorite coins for different reasons.


Level 5

What a loaded question, there are so many in my collection that I like. In fact if I didn't like them, they wouldn't be in my collection! Therefore, I'll give you one that I will never be able to afford but that I would love to own. That coin is a coiled hair stella!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I think my favorite single coin right now is my 1803 Bust Dollar. This is the earliest U.S. coin I own and since it is VF, the detail is strong and the design can really be appreciated. There is a hole in the coin, but it does not obscure the bust or the eagle so not such a big deal. someday I wold like to own a flowing hair dollar, that is my current dream coin.


Level 4

That's great! I probably feel most attached to my Lincoln Bicentennials, and my first coin I ever purchased, a 1912 D Lincoln cent.


Level 6

That was a very special day I'm glad you held out for what you wanted and how you wanted to hold it first..Thanks.

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