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06 Mar 2019

What A Great Hobby

| Bush Bush Numismatics

With recent events we have begun to question everyone on this site, as our trust was breached on this site. This lousy period of a time is over and can we just appreciate what great hobby we have? This hobby brings in thousands of people from across the world together when nothing else would. Our coins brings us together and we love sharing our achievements, collections, coin roll hunts, and just plain old information. Our forums on this site allow us to ask and answer questions from each other. This site is one of the best on the internet at sharing information. What a great hobby!



Level 6

We do have a great hobby! Thanks for this blog! We all needed it after all the breach of trust.


Level 4

Well said. I have only been collecting for a few years, but in that time the hobby has grown to become an important part of my life. And thus I want to enrich it and share it with others.


Level 6

You are right,of course. It is amazing how one idiot caused so much trouble. I wish we could get more ANA members to come look at this site. I believe many would become active. Not just our dozen or so. Thanks.


Level 6

This site can be as fun and educational as each member makes it.


Level 7

Bush bush I have you mixed up with another member please forgive my rant. I'm going in for surgery today I'm a mess. You will do Well here. Again accept my apology. I was expressing my opinion on the site nothing against you. You will do well. Take care and your right. This is a great hobby. Mike

It's Mokie

Level 6

The vast majority of us are fine people just hoping to share knowledge and fellowship with each other. You are going to fit right in. Welcome Aboard Bush Bush!


Level 6

Thank you! That's what this site is for...sharing knowledge, info, helpful items.

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