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20 Sep 2019

Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting

| Bush Bush Numismatics

The Whitman guide to Coin Collecting was written by the amazing Ken Bressett. I have the revised edition created in 2017. This book is 250 pages of must-know information for any collector, and is especially helpful when first joining numismatics. This book gives the basics for grading coins, identifying counterfeits, and how much to pay for a coin based on its rarity. It tells you where to find the best spots for learning about coins, as well as where to go to find other collectors like coin shows and club meetings. My personal favorite section was the one on mistrikes and errors. If people who did not collect read this section, there would be much less confusion on what an error really was and how to identify it as such, instead of something that has been done outside of the mint. I would recommend this book to the want-to-be collector, and the non-collector alike.



Level 6

Thanks for a good review!


Level 6

Ken Bressett's style of writing is very enjoyable.


Level 6

Sounds like a good basics book. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Thanks for the great review, I think this book may be a little simplistic for me, but I am sure it would be of great benefit to the neophyte collector or non-collector, thinking about joining our ranks.


Level 7

Hi! There are many books on this subject. When I started collecting twenty five years ago I had a mentor. He told me then the key to collecting is books. He was right. I had books on coins I was collecting. If I see a book today on coins or tokens I research it to see if it's the right book for me. I read professional critics on books. I thank you very much for writing this it will help allot of people. Good job. You have new collectors something to look in to. And it will help them. That's why we write blogs. We share information and knowledge. Keep up the good work. Pat.

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