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15 Sep 2019

YN Auction

| Bush Bush Numismatics

There are many super days in my numismatic life. There are coin shows, numismatic presentations and exhibitions, even visiting Mints and Treasuries goes on the list, but the annual YN auction stands out. This year was the second year that I had participated in, and the fifth year since the first one. Although I only got one thing, an amazing grab bag I have had great success with in the past, I still had a blast. I had some shockingly fun conversation with other YNs discussing favorite coins and collections, to favorite singers and artists. Sadly, there was someone who could not go without a day trying to ruin someone else's day. Some spamming in the chat and not being registered, a person had to be kicked leading to some extra strife and time to the auction . We got to hear Sam's angelic voice for 4 hours straight, a record low. Last year took almost seven hours, but this year they were able to cut that by almost three hours. This has its positives and negatives. I had more time to do things around the house that day, but I got a lot less time to talk with fellow YNs. During the auction, there were some real doozies. The first fifty lots cost about the same as the fifty-first lot, surpassing 4,000 YN dollars, and almost making it to 5,000 YN dollars purchased by some legendary YNs. It was this year's gold coin donated by some generous collector who hopefully has been rewarded well in life. There was quite a hodgepodge of great numismatic items this year. There were some hard-to-find ancient coins in fine condition, some wonderful books that expanded one YN's numismatic library, and some nice sample slabs that went to the right collector. Unfortunately, there was quite a lack of paper money, which I was a bit disappointed in, but I was happy there was a five-dollar silver certificate and a massive denomination trillion dollar Zimbabwe bill showing the signs of hyperinflation in any country's economy and coinage and paper money. The catalog descriptions for this year were top-notch. I do not know who made it this year, but some made me chuckle, and all were extremely accurate. Thank you for whoever did that, they should really give credit where it is due. Now it another year until the next one, and I will be silently counting down until that day in the back of my mind. Can't wait 'till next year!



Level 6

Glad to hear that you had a good time!


Level 7

I'm always glad to hear positive feedback on the auction.it's important and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for writing this . All the input is important Sam enjoyed it. You enjoyed it that's all that counts. pat


Level 4

It was an amazing auction, the first I had participated in! I got the PF(70) Oklahoma Silver quarter!


Level 5

I'm very glad you enjoyed the auction, as well as the descriptions I came up with - I'm glad someone is enjoying them! (But angelic voice, huh - really?!? OK. lol). It is always such a pleasure to put on these auctions, despite the many months of hard work behind the scenes that me and some of my closest co-workers go through. Again though, the greatest thanks ALWAYS goes to our generous donors - over the years, the things they donate to us are critical to putting this event on every year. I have no doubt that you will enjoy the grab bag once you receive it, and I hope you still have some more YN Dollars left, because I'm going to have some more great monthly auctions starting again in October. And btw, some of the donations we've already received in the last few months since we created this year's catalog are going to make many aged-out YNs extremely upset they can't participate again in 2020. The only info I will give you is that if you like world coins, there are bound to be several 18th and 19th century pieces, mostly silver minors from German States - stay tuned!! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 6

Sounds like a great review of the auction.


Level 6

That's great. I'm glad you had a good time. It is sad that there are always people looking to spread hate. Thankfully they are in the minority. I would love to see what is in you grab bag. Great review. Maybe some of the people that donate will make a note to include some paper currency for next year. Thanks..

It's Mokie

Level 6

Sounds like tremendous fun, blog about your grab bag contents when you have a chance.

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