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19 Feb 2022

2019 W Quarters A Review, Guide, and Some Facts

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I was looking back at an old blog of mine I posted way back in July of 2021 titled "West Point Mint National Park Quarters". This was actually the second blog I ever wrote on this site and some of you may remember it. It was a short 7 sentence blog about West Point Mint quarters that I found rather lacking of information. So I decided to write an updated version of that blog that not only gave facts, but gave a review of them and my thoughts about them. This blog will take a look at each different 2019 West Point Mint quarter and really give a better blog about these coins as they are very nice coins.

Why West Point Mint Quarters?The West Point Mint came up with this idea as a fun way of getting collectors to roll search. They did this by randomly putting quarters from 2019 to 2020 but in this blog we will only talk about the 2019 designs with a W mint mark indicating that they were minted at the West Point Mint.

Why Are They Special?Now you may wonder: What makes these coins so special. Well, there were only 10,000,000 minted in 2019 and put out into circulation and only 2,000,000 of each design. Now this may seem like a lot but it isn't for an entire country and they are very hard to find. Also they are limited edition and they can't be in circulation forever. In a couple years there probably won't be many left in circulation but for now there are still quite a few.

What Are The Different Designs?The 2019 designs include Lowell, Massachusetts, American Memorial Park, Northern Mariana Islands, War in the Pacific, Guam, San Antonio Missions, Texas, and River of No Return, Idaho.

2019 Lowell, Massachusetts West Point Mint Quarter:The first West Point Mint quarter I will tell you about is the 2019 Lowell, Massachusetts. There were 2,000,000 minted as all of the West Point Mint quarters had a mintage of 2,000,000 per design. It was designed byJoel Iskowitz who also designed another 2019 quarter. The design depicts a women working with a power loom and in the background there is a city. This coins isn't one of my favorites of the designs but it is still a nice coin.

2019 American Memorial Park, Northern Mariana Islands West Point Mint Quarter:Therewere also 2,000,000 of this coin minted and this is one of the designs that I have not found. It was designed by Donna Weaver who also designed one of the quarter from 2020. Th design depicts a woman resting her hand on a plaque that commemorates the people who died in the Mariana campaign of World War II. This is one of my favorite designs because it commentates the people who have died.

2019 War in the Pacific, Guam West Point Mint Quarter: There we're also 2,000,000 of this coin minted and this is one of the designs I have yet to find. It was designed by Joel Iskowitz who also designed the Lowell, Massachusetts quarter. The design depicts U.S. soldiers in the fight for Guam's liberation. Guam was liberated and that's why we have this coin! This ins't one of my favorites but if still another nice design.

2019 San Antonio Missions, Texas West Point Mint Quarter:There we're also 2,000,000 of this coin minted and this is one of the designs that I have found in better condition. It was designed by Chris Costello. The design depicts four different symbols. The arches and bell represent the people in the community, the lion with the crown represents Spanish culture and heritage, the wheat represents farming and the river represents resources and immigration. This is a nice design and I like how they use symbols to represent thing of meaning.

2019 River of No Return, Idaho West Point Mint Quarter:There also we're only 2,000,000 of this coin minted and this is also one of the designs I have found. It was designed by Emily Damstra who also design the new Type II ASE. The coin depicts a person rowing a drift boat along the river. It shows the bottom of the boat and in the background there and trees and rocks. This again isn't one of my favorite designs but is still a nice design.

Anyway, the W quarters were a great thing the mint did for us collectors and I hope you start or continue to look for them. By the way, I will make a second blog on the 2020 W quarters later too!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!




Level 5

Great detailed blog. I still have not found any W quarters in circulation. Midwest gets everything last.


Level 7

I waited on these. My friend Looks said the price would drop. He was right. I bout the coins for the first year some for 12.00. MS 66. Others were in the twenty and thirty s. When I checked the red book the five coins went for 250.00. Glad I waited !! Thanks for the blog.


Level 6

I really enjoyed your wonderful blog! You have come a long way. Good for you! This coin series has alot of great designs indeed! ; )


Level 5

Yeah, thanks!


Level 6

CheerioCoins- I have come back this morning from my suspension just for you. You son, are an amazing kid. I admire what you did here. I real, full length blog. An improvement of a previous blog, as you state. No quest for points! If you could put in your sources for info this would be 100% perfect. I give you 99.9% with 10% extra credit. Great work. I hope everyone reads this blog. I am proud I follow you. Give your kitty a pet for me. Know back to banishment.


Level 5

Thanks! I will add sources next time!

Long Beard

Level 5

Lacking only four across both years, buying them graded in PCGS 65 and not paying over $30.00 for each, the prices of those are dropping like a stone from silly high asking prices. Population numbers do not lie.


Level 5

Definately a blog by someone that is a true numismatist and enjoys the hobby. Thanks for giving us a nice topic and blog.


Level 5

Your welcome!

AC coin$

Level 6

Excellent information and writing. Good job.


Level 5


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