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13 Aug 2022

Coins from the Dahlonega Mint

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About a half a year ago I visited the Dahlonega Mint Museum in Dahlonega, Georgia. For those of you who don't know, the Dahlonega Mint was a small mint in Dahlonega, Georgia that minted U.S. Gold Coins from 1838-1861, a short time of 23 years. It was created at the time when the Georgia Gold Rush was happening and due to all the good deposits it was created. The Georgia Gold Rush was the first ever gold rush in the U.S. I added that part because many say the California Gold Rush was the first. Many people in Dahlonega weren't very fond of the little mint and used Silver coins whenever they could. The director of the Philadelphia Mint at the time, Dr. Robert Patterson complained, the Dahlonega mint was just a "neighborhood mint".

Each coin minted has a "D" mint mark on it for the Dahlonega mint, the Denver mint's coins also has a "D' mint mark but that mint came long after the Dahlonega mint. More than $6,000,000 of gold were minted at this small mint. Today there is a Museum where the mint once stood that you can visit. They have 1 of each coin minted at the Dahlonega Mint there. Today, Dahlonega mint coins can be worth thousands of dollars and are considered very rare. They can be worth anywhere from $2,000 to $250,000.

Different coins from the Dahlonega mint include:

  • $1.00 Gold Piece (1849-1854)

  • $2.00 Gold Piece (1855 only)

  • Type $3.00 Gold Piece (1854 only)

  • $3.00 Gold Piece (1856 and 1861)

  • Classic Head $2.50 Gold Piece (1839 only)

  • Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Piece (1840-1859)

  • Classic Head $5.00 (1838 only)

  • Liberty Head $5.00, Obverse Mintmark (1839 only)

  • Liberty Head $5.00, Reverse Mintmark (1840-1861)

I have always wanted one of these gold pieces, although they are far out of my price range. One day I will get one but today is not that day. I also wanted to say that I got the Proof 2022 ASE for winning the Numismatic Poets Society Poem Contest which is really exciting since I have been waiting for it.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!



Long Beard

Level 5

My cousin moved to Commerce, not far from Dahlonega, so the next time I pay her a visit that's on my list.


Level 6

Loved your blog! I envy you for being able to visit Dahlonega Mint! It's on my list. ; ) Congrats again on your wonderful award!


Level 4

Mints are on my “travel to do” list already, Including the no longer active mints, Dahlonega, Carson City, and New Orleans. It’s cool you got to visit Dahlonega. Congrats on the 2022 ASE as well. Definitely a worth while prize to add to the numismatic collection.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I've wanted to visit, and now even more so. Thanks for reigniting my interest in going there. Will you publish your poem here for us? I'm sure we would all enjoy your artistic wordcraft!

AC coin$

Level 6

Good blog.


Level 5



Level 7

A excellent blog. I knew of the mint and always wanted a gold.coin from there. Try finding one and then paying for it. Great shot of the mint and the workers great research I enjoyed this and appreciate your work. Thanks!


Level 5

Your welcome!


Level 6

A great mint. I would love to have any of their gold coins. I find this to be the most interesting mint we have had. Thanks for this blog and photos.


Level 5

Yeah, it is pretty interesting. Your welcome.

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