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02 Aug 2022

Some New Things

| CheerioCoins

As many of you know, I got a bunch of things from Whitman Publishing recently. Of those things I got a Universal Coin Album and a Franklin Half Dollar album. As of now I only have one Franklin for the album but hope to obtain all of the dates in good condition. Also with the blank Coin Album I got some 40mm pages. This can be used for my silver pandas, which I have four of now. I recently got a 2011 silver panda which is the one that won't come out of it's case. One of them I couldn't get out it's case so I will try to get it out.

In August I will go to the Blue Ridge coin show here in Georgia. It was actually my first coin show so it will be cool to go back there. I will also go to the Annual South Carolina Numismatic Association Coin Convention in October and exhibit there with my Silver Panda coin exhibit. At the Georgia Numismatic Association coin show I won 5th in the YN category and hope to do better at the SCNA Coin Convention. School just started up for me today so I will be kind of busy for the next 19 months but try to keep blogging every week.

Answers for the toners on the last blog:

2002 ASE Dollar : Natural Toning

1880 Morgan Dollar:Natural Toning

1993 ASE Dollar: Artificial Toning

1938 Rochelle Commemorative Half Dollar: Natural Toning

1991 ASE Dollar: Artificial Toning

1901 Morgan Dollar: Artificial Toning

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!




Level 6

Nice blog! Enjoyed it very much. Nice coins in your collection! Have a great school "year"??? Blog when you can. ; )


Level 6

19 months! That is one long school year. Happy collecting.


Level 7

Good blog as always. It Seems they have books for everything Thanks for the the blog I always enjoy them.


Level 5

Nice blog! Love the look of your pandas in that album! Careful use of a pocket knife will usually help pop open those tight capsules.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Franklin halves are one of my favorite coins! I put together an AU set years ago and they looked beautiful. I'm tempted to put together another one soon after I finish 3 other sets I'm working on. I had to buy a blank album for my 2 Reichsmark coins because I couldn't find a specific album for them. Sometimes you have to improvise. Good blog!!

Long Beard

Level 5

It's quite enjoyable reading about coinage outside of the United States. Surprisingly, this is a first for myself hearing of one assembly them in an album. Nice! As for the Franklin, that one will one day make a great collection. Happy hunting.

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