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31 Jul 2021

West Point Mint National Park Quarters

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West Point Mint Quarters are a new kind of Quarters. The mint can be found at the bottom right of Washington. There are four mints on Washington Quarters Philadelphia mint ,Denver mint, San Francisco mint, and the West Point mint (They will be just the letters P,D,S, or W. They can be found in change, rolls, or any coins. Theyare years 2019-2020. Not all 2019-2020 National Park Quarters areWest Point mint Quarters, in fact they can be quite rare. If they are 2020they will have a symbol on the left of Washington that says V75 but 2019's will not.Usually they are about 25$ in MS-65 and MS-67 no matter what design it is.West Point mint Quartersare hard to find but Washington National Park Quarters are easily accessible.
Thank you for reading my information on West Point mint Quarters. Have a great day! (And good luck on find West Point mint Quarters!)


Long Beard

Level 5

How many have you found? Or bought? Personally, I like the thrill the Mint created with the decision to strike them for circulation. One of the rare times they got something right.


Level 3

I have been roll searching for a while but only found 1 West Point Mint Quarter.


Level 5

Nice blog! Believe it or not I have found 9 so far. I hunt through lots of coins! Thanks.


Level 5

I also have a couple of these coins with the "privy mark", and that's the reason that I purchased them. The one's that I have are already graded. Great pick up and thanks for sharing!


Level 7

Nice pick up. Take care of it. You should also know that the West Point mint made coins for the U.S. Before they became a mint in the 1980's. They had no mint mark and sent the coins to the other mints. They made all sorts of coinage for the U.S.


Level 5

Still looking for those W coins myself. Maybe will find one in change someday.


Level 6

Have yet to find either year of the W issues but I am still looking. (: Thanks for your research.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for a good blog! Did you happen to find out that v75 symbol is and what it is officially referred to!


Level 3

Yeah I know its the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War ll. I didn't think to put that in but thanks for noticing!


Level 6

Thanks for the information. ; )


Level 3

No problem!


Level 4

Nice blog! Just found my first one!

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