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03 Apr 2022

YN Auction Review #4, April 2022

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Happy April of 2022 all numismatists reading! I haven't been posting many blogs lately due to things I've been doing over the past few weeks. In a few weeks I will get back to posting more often but I still have lots to get done. Anyway, on to the review!

All of the coins were good this year as they usually are. The first coin or Lot #1 is a Proof 1964 Kennedy half dollar. I bid on this because I really like this series. Some numismatist don't like this series because of how cheap they are but that's one reason I like it so much. This coin is 90% silver which makes it worth a good amount of money. From the picture I would say it is around PR65-PR67 which makes it around $15 to $20 in Greysheet.

The second coin or Lot #2 is a1928 Mexico Twenty Cents that is AU and was struck with shattered dies which is pretty interesting if you ask me! This coin has really no reserve so I decided to bid a little bit on it. It is 72% silver and is worth around $5.17 according to Numista. The coin is most likely worth more because it is a shattered die so with how much errors are worth, I'd say its around $10 now that I think about it.

The final/third/Lot #3 coin is a1960-D/D Lincoln Memorial cent, PCGS Genuine - Uncirculated Details (Wheel mark), Re-Punched Mintmark (RPM #1); FS-502. This coin has a reserve of 25 YN dollars and is also one I bid on. This coin was in the Cherrypickers' Guide and was valued at $35. When I looked on E-Bay it was selling for around $40 so somewhere around that price.

Sources: Greysheet, Numista,Cherrypickers' Guide, E-Bay,and my common knowledge of coinage!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!




Level 6

Great blog. I'd like to say I donated that Mexican 20 centavos but that would be a lie. I would have kept it. Good luck.


Level 5

Some great coins and lots of fun too.


Level 6

I really like that 20 Centavos! Beautiful coin! Good job! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Great plck up , nice coins.


Level 7

I think that thatcoinguy did his homework. Great pick ups and a nice blog. You did well. The Kennedy's are the country's fifth most collected coins. The family still has powerful friends in politics. It will be here a long time!! Thanks enjoyed it!


Level 5

Your welcome!


Level 5

I think your estimate on the foreign coin is way too much. Try lower.


Level 5

Oh, okay.

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