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23 Sep 2015

Why no help facility for web or digital publications problems?

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This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to the ANA Director.

I cannot read the Numismatist online. The bigger issue is why I cannot get any information about why. No help facility and no FAQ about how to read or what system-browser requirements. If I cannot read it it is wasted, and I cannot determine why I cannot load it without some help.
Please advise.
I also note that many others have lamented ANA's lack of web help.
Thank you."

Perhaps this will spark them to put a HELP button or some FAQ about reading it on the site.



Level 5

Hi User_6750, I apologize profusely for the late response. Has your issue been solved? If not, please send an email to pr@money.org with your member info so we can troubleshoot what is occurring. Also, try accessing The Numismatist in Chrome. The software works best in that browser.


Level 6

I have to agree with Ian and Longstrider. Whenever I have a problem with the web-site or anything else for that matter, I call or e-mail the appropriate person and always get an answer. No problem. : )


Level 6

I recommend that you just make a phone call. As a former beta tester for this web site I can tell you the staff is VERY concerned about any problems any member may be experiencing. Ian gives some helpful info you might have ready to help ANA staff solve your problem..

Ian Fenn

Level 5

Its nice to see you asking for help, I to get a little frustrated, at times. I have to say my impression of this website is that it is over-engineered. For example the forums and blog sections. A blog is a online diary and a forum is an online discussion place. Here the tow or confused. The best online coin forums give users much more control and senior members act as moderators. I think thats how the forum section could be improved... and free up ANA staff to do other things. As it stands the forum here is very underutilized and i suspect the developers are the ones who gained the most Utility out of it. Likewise the blog section, On sentence blogs are extremely annoying and drown out more substantive posts. With all that said user_6750 what did you seek to achieve If I were Kim ( I am not) I would be extremely frustrated by your post here and your email. Kim is very good at responding to queries so there is never any need to bully her with public postings like this one. Yes I used the word bully!!! Your text is very helpful , it may have allowed you to vent some steam, but it doesn't contain enough information to resolve the problem. when you do get a response it will be polite and will ask a series of questions that will, I suspect, frustrate you further. You needed to include some information such as. the computers operating system, the internet browser you use and a fully description of what you are experiencing. I find if you take time to actually explain the facts of the problem( as opposed to the emotions) you get a satisfactory answer more frequently.


Level 5

Just a question-do you mean ANA President?

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