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29 Nov 2015

Please Help Me!

| user_6755

please help Me Gain progress!

I'm rather new and i don't have any points and i am a level 2 :(

I'l take anything! please!!




Level 6

Write a blog or comment on someone else's blog. There's lots of interaction here.


Level 7

Points only show that your active. There is no gold coin for number one. You want points read blogs, write blogs show us some coin you have collected. It's easy interact with others. If your here for points your here for the wrong reason. Share what you know and make friends.


Level 5

here is 5 pts plus 5 for following.


Level 5

Talk about how you got started, if anyone helped lead you towards coin collecting, your favorite coin or collection, ask questions you might have about anything Numismatic, do a book or article review, etc.


Level 5

Write about a coin in your collection and it's story.


Level 6

Just write about something. Read an article from The Numismatic and write about it...

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