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22 Jan 2023

Collecting from a distance

Collecting Tips | Russ

As I'm sure most of us are, or at least were, I am a teenager. Being such, it is sometimes difficult to stay actively engaged in the ANA among other activities. But does that make me any less of a collector? Short answer, no. I do get very busy with school and friends and whatnot, but coins are still one of my hobbies. I have found it a rather interesting piece to consider. Numismatics, like many other hobbies, can sometimes take a backburner. I may not attend coin shows, or even frequent the ANA, but as a coin collector, the numismatist in me always inspects the change in a tip jar or donation drive. I want this to be a lesson for everyone, and even some of my fellow YN's. Just because you get busy, you are no less of a collector, and we are always welcome to the ANA, especially YN's (Unless you pull a Jonas Coins, that is, and hack the ANA)



Level 6

Just do what you can when you can... You have a lifetime ahead of you. ; )


Level 5

I have been trying to get on but school has taken up a lot of my time. Very relatable.


Level 6

Yeah, Jonas was an idiot. You on the other hand are indeed a collector. We will always be here. Many os us have paused for years or even decades only to come back to coins. It's in you, no escape. Hang in there buddy.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

School comes first. Then the hobbies. You are one of us rest assured.


Level 7

The things important to you school activities with friends are important. We will be here so don't worry about it. You will always be a collector here!! Balance your time!!

Long Beard

Level 5

You are at that point in early life where everything becomes important. As an older collector I recall those many things and activities which got in the way of coin collecting. Yet you strike me as the sort who will continue, all be it at a snails pace, only to find a renewal of passion later on. Blog post such as these are the one's I cherish the most.


Level 5

Good advice. Have not heard of Jonas.


Level 4

He was a YN who hacked the ANA site about 4 years ago...

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