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01 Jul 2022


| Russ

As I come back out of the shadows, I would first like to say I have not given up on coins, as they still interest me. I got caught up with school and friends and things and never really thought of getting back on here. Lets just say I'll try to post some blog Ideas I've had but never gotten around to, as well as some more stories.



Level 4

Enjoyed your story about “Certified dealers”. Wow, some people. I’ve got one about what USED to be my favorite local dealer. Dealt with him for many years. He was an older gentleman, and very knowledgeable. Sadly he passed and his colleague of many years took over the business. I visited him to ask some questions about grading some early half cents I had. MUCH to my dismay he told me, “I really don’t know much about grading”. It’s sad that these days it’s hard to find a real coin dealer. Most make the majority of their profits with bullion & buying coins for silver content. If you have a trusted dealer, it’s usually better to stick with them.


Level 5

Life has many twists and turns. Nothing wrong with that.

AC coin$

Level 6

Welcome to ANA again, hopefully we will see your collections soon. Good luck and never give up on collecting and searching because numismatics is art, history and passion.


Level 6

Nice to have you back. Just do what you can when you can... ; )


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Level 2

I was going strong in collecting and beginning to build a solid start on my collection. I had an almost complete Mercury Dime set (XF-Gem BU), a complete Roosevelt Dime set (Gem BU), a complete Jefferson Nickel set, almost complete Lincoln Cent, and a great start on Franklins, wash quarters, Walkers, and SLQs. Life intervened and I sold almost everything to pay for a wedding. Now, about 45 years later, I am starting fresh. It’s never too late

Long Beard

Level 5

Your experiencing, and learning, that fascinating thing called life. Constantly changing and evolving, filled with distractions and setbacks. The things we truly enjoy always seem to return. Glad you're still with us!


Level 4

I think everyone will agree that sometimes life just gets in the way of the things we do or use to enjoy. Either way, welcome back! Hope some of us can help you re-kindle your passion for numismatics. Look forward to seeing what you have to share/say.


Level 7

All of us at one time or another get distracted by normal everyday life. I stopped for months had no interest but after talking to some of my friends they said I would see a coin and I would be back. That's what happened. Were glad your back. I hope you regain the passion you had. Enjoy and don't give up. Mike!


Level 2

Great to hear that you're still interested in collecting coins, even though you're busy. Also good to hear you're going to post more on the blog. I'm new to the ANA but I'm enjoying reading about collecting from other people in the hobby, so I hope you will post more too!

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