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14 May 2020

So much for a certified coin dealer...

| Russ

Today, I’d like to share with you a very horrifying dealer tale.
Today, I was looking to branch out from my one coin shop and meet others, I started with going to one not too far from my house, the man on the other end chatted with me, then, this is where the fun begins.
I asked him about a conversation piece I had, a suspected 1983DDR. I asked him if he could look at it, that’s when he said “I don’t know what that is”. This is when I lightly nudged my parent and told them that we need to go, after we left, I told them the story and they BUSTED OUT LAUGHING. TI hope everyone stays home and safe!Rman


AC coin$

Level 6

Wow, it is quite often on can come across supposed dealers without coin knowledge. Sorry to read that. We have and must build our own references prior to acquiring items in this sort of money market.


Level 7

I don't have A dealer near me . But he needs to close!!


Level 5

Wow. You made a good decision on leaving lol


Level 5

Thats hilarious! Cheers, NM

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I can't help but wonder if he fluffed you off because you are young. That would be a terrible shame if that what happened. He certainly should know what a DDR is. Younger collectors are the life blood of the hobby. He missed an opportunity to build a business relationship and if he does know coins at all, lost a chance to educate. My favorite coin dealer always takes time to answer questions and help me find what I'm looking for. I hope you can find someone like that. If you know what a DDR is you should be treated with respect!

perhaps like kepi said you should try it again; just keep your wits about you, and don't make a transaction unless you are entirely positive that is an authentic, good one to make

Sad to say, you never really forget an experience with a bad/lousy/ignorant dealer. (I had one many years ago and still remember it. ) Reminds me of the time my son was working for a guy who was buying gold and silver out of a rented storefront. They didn't even have a copy of the Red Book in the shop, much less even heard of it. If you ever visit this shop again, ask if the dealer belongs to the ANA.

Long Beard

Level 5

While I'm in agreement with the others, DDR (double die reverse) should be common knowledge for any dealer.


Level 6

Everyone can't know everything...even an expert. Unless he was rude to you or your parents you might want to give his shop another chance.


Level 6

Education is the key to the hobby. Obviously, you know more than the dealer.


Level 5

We can't all know everything there is to know about coins. At least if the dealer didn't know, he told you so and didn't try to feed you a line. Dealers can't be everything to everyone. Find a dealer who specializes in what interests you. For instance, if I walk into a coin store and all the dealer has are ancients then it is not likely he has a line on coins for my US typeset.


Level 6

You did the right thing if you think he was jazzing you. Maybe he didn't understand your reference. Did you show him the coin?? Do you really believe you are more knowledgeable than him on coins??? Send that coin into Coneca.


Level 5

Was the dealer rude or mean? I went to a dealer right around the corner from me after moving to this area years ago. He was talking with a buddy about nothing. Asked him if he had any silver eagles. He literally dumped and bounced a few on the case in front of me, and went back talking fishing with his buddy. Business must be good, because I never went back. Found some great dealers at flea market and shows anyway. Nice post, like hearing about bad awful coin dealer stories! I only have one dealer I avoid at local coin shows right now.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I don't think that RmanCan's dealer was dishonest, he just had never heard of the DDR referenced. Most dealers are honest, that's how they stay in business, the dealer I go to locally has been around since before I started collecting, the shop is now run by his sons, the old man, the original owner, did not know that Newfoundland had its own series of coins. I chuckled a little inside but I also knew that you never know everything and he probably knows some areas of the hobby that would make me look like a neophyte.


Level 3

True. My coin dealer doesn't specalize in errors either

makes sense; more of an ignorance than underhanded issue

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