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22 Jan 2020


| Russ

Hello, it is sad to say that the American Numismatic Association has seen a drastic drop in user activity and has resulted in an unprecedented change in user activity. We need to change. As others have said this doesn't make any sense. We have only a few active members who go unappreciated; mike b mokester, SUN and JudeA Longstrider and I are the only exceptions we need to change before the WHOLE COMMUNITY GOES INACTIVE we need to change, and we need to change NOW


I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm seeing the familiars who post on my blog. The comments I've seen here are right on time. I have just joined about a month ago and have profit Ed and benefitted from the collective wisdom. it's fun to collect and there are definitely different levels of commitment and involvement. Most of my life I have been a solitary collector but have gotten super serious for about the last 7 years. I've gained more knowledge in such a short period of time since joining ng and the new friendships are quite rewarding. Everyone is so willing to help me learn....


Level 7

I will say it. The fault in the drop of active members is the ANA. . They do not monator the site. The kids get here and yesterday I found out why the follow all dead wood. I sent it to Sam. They actually follow numbers. So when the number is assigned the kid says I'm all ready being followed I know The two so do the other active members. The kids get disappointed and frustrated there gone. They didn't have a Chance. I asked why do you follow these people. They don't look at the dates of the last blog. Some are five and six years old blogs The only activity is they see others following them and there gone.


Level 6

I have to agree with "World Coin Nut"... while not as active as I have been in the past because of my work schedule, I still try to participate as often as possible.


Level 5

I am trying to be active in reading blog posts. Finding the stories and information very interesting. I am hoping to post a blog someday myself.


Level 5

I'm not as active as I once was but my problem is time. Hopefully, sometime soon I can back into writing blogs. For now, I will just check in when I can.


Level 4

Well thank you for that. I think this is true. There are literally about 25,000 ANA members, of which around 15 use the blog feature regularly.


Level 6

I think there should be more in The Numismatist about this site.


Level 6

Hey, what about me? Just kidding. You make good points. I think Mike has been saying this for years. Thanks


Level 7

I agree there are many other good.writers you left off. I also noticed a decline after that very nice disclaimer. I believe it scared some away. There are ways to maintains better site but the ANA has to listen to us. And they dont. Thanks for the blog. Mike

It's Mokie

Level 6

There are many other active members than you named. But your point is on point, we have seen a steady drop in activity since I joined the forum a little over a year ago. I do think the ANA should combine the Forum and Blog areas into one and provide a prominent gateway on their homepage. I also think they should encourage our many members that do not even know of the blog/forums existence to visit by featuring a blog entry of the month in the Numismatist. Any other ideas???


Level 5

You make an interesting point about members not knowing where to go or about the forums and blogs. I was talking to a friend at my last coin club meeting who is a member of the ANA that didn't know he could access all the past issues of "The Numismatist" through the ANA's website. What fascinated me about this was that this person knew of the ANA's courses because he brought his coursebook on mint processes and error coins for show and tell. Now how could a person know how to access the ANA's courses and not know that every issue of the Numismatist is archived?

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